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Relationships between complex Delta expression and the specification of retinal cell fates during Drosophila eye development
Analysis of retinal development in Delta (Dl) temperature-sensitive mutants reveals requirements for Delta function in the specification of all retinal cells, including photoreceptors, cone cells,Expand
Scanning electron microscopy of Drosophila embryogenesis. 1. The structure of the egg envelopes and the formation of the cellular blastoderm.
Abstract As part of a series of detailed observations on embryogenesis in Drosophila , the protective coverings of the egg and surface changes in the embryo prior to gastrulation have been studiedExpand
CREB Binding Protein Functions During Successive Stages of Eye Development in Drosophila
During the development of the compound eye of Drosophila several signaling pathways exert both positive and inhibitory influences upon an array of nuclear transcription factors to produce aExpand
Embryo fossilization is a biological process mediated by microbial biofilms
Fossilized embryos with extraordinary cellular preservation appear in the Late Neoproterozoic and Cambrian, coincident with the appearance of animal body fossils. It has been hypothesized thatExpand
Axoneme-specific β-tubulin specialization a conserved C-terminal motif specifies the central pair
Axonemes are ancient organelles that mediate motility of cilia and flagella in animals, plants, and protists. The long evolutionary conservation of axoneme architecture, a cylinder of nine doubletExpand
The centrosome is a dynamic structure that ejects PCM flares
The Drosophila Centrosomin (Cnn) protein is an essential core component of centrosomes in the early embryo. We have expressed a Cnn-GFP fusion construct in cleavage stage embryos, which rescues theExpand
Regulation of beta-tubulin function and expression in Drosophila spermatogenesis.
In this study we examined two aspects of beta-tubulin function in Drosophila spermatogenesis: 1) beta-tubulin structural requirements for assembly of different categories of microtubules and 2)Expand
Physiological properties of the thermotolerant photosynthetic bacterium, Rhodospirillum centenum
Rhodospirillum centenum nov. sp., isolated from Thermopolis Hot Springs (Wyoming), is a thermotolerant non-sulfur purple photosynthetic bacterium that forms desiccation- and heat-resistant cystsExpand
  • F. Turner
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of cell biology
  • 1 May 1968
Spermatogenesis in the charophyte Nitella has been followed in antheridia prepared for light and electron microscopy. The antheridial filament cells contain paired centrioles which are similar inExpand
Microtubule Architecture Specified by a β-Tubulin Isoform
In Drosophila melanogaster, a testis-specific β-tubulin (β2) is required for spermatogenesis. A sequence motif was identified in carboxyl termini of axonemal β-tubulins in diverse taxa. As a test ofExpand