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Metachronal wave of artificial cilia array actuated by applied magnetic field
In this paper, a biomimetic microstructure related to cilia, which are effective fluidic and conveying systems in nature, is described. Authors have already reported that a magnetic elastomer pillarExpand
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Evaluation and Analysis of Distortion of Complex Shaped Ti-6Al-4V Compacts by Metal Injection Molding Process
Titanium and its alloys have been widely used for medical and aerospace applications because of their excellent attributes of high specific strength, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility.Expand
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Gene transfer device utilizing micron-spiked electrodes produced by the self-organization phenomenon of Fe-alloy.
In the diffusional phase transformation of two-phase alloys, the new phase precipitates form the matrix phase at specific temperatures, followed by the formation of a mixed microstructure comprisingExpand
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Magnetic actuator using interaction between micro magnetic elements
  • F. Tsumori, J. Brunne
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE 24th International Conference on Micro…
  • 17 March 2011
This paper reports a new type magnetic actuator using interaction between micro magnetic elements. Small magnetic elements are arranged periodically on an elastic membrane to actuate a beam structureExpand
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Magnetic Micro Actuator Using Interactive Force between Magnetic Elements
In micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) field, there have been used many kinds of actuators. Among them, the magnetic actuator has some advantages. As magnetic micro actuators do not need electricExpand
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Development of actuation system for artificial cilia with magnetic elastomer
In this paper, we describe the development of magnetically actuated artificial cilia. Natural cilia are a highly efficient device that produces flow under a small-Reynolds-number state. There are twoExpand
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Development of micro actuator using magnetic powder and elastic material (second report) - Development of simulation and design system
A simulation system for newly developed magnetic micro actuator is proposed and demonstrated in this paper. Magnetic energy and elastic deformation energy are formulated and used to deriveExpand
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