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Handbook of Logic in Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming, Volume2, Deduction Methodologies
Abductive Logic Programming 1
This paper is a survey and critical overview of recent work on the extension of Logic Programming to perform Abductive Reasoning (Abductive Logic Programming). We outline the general framework ofExpand
A Dataset Independent Set of Baselines for Relation Prediction in Argument Mining
This paper proposes a set of dataset independent strong neural baselines which obtain homogeneous results on all the datasets proposed in the literature for the argumentative relation prediction task. Expand
From formal argumentation to conversational systems
This work considers one such argumentation-empowered conversational system and exemplifies its use and benefits in two different domains, for recommending movies and hotels based on the aggregation of information drawn from reviews. Expand
Human-in-the-loop Debugging Deep Text Classifiers
This paper proposes FIND – a framework which enables humans to debug deep learning text classifiers by disabling irrelevant hidden features and shows that by using FIND, humans can improve CNN text classifier which were trained under different types of imperfect datasets. Expand
Explainable Automated Fact-Checking for Public Health Claims
The results indicate that, by training on in-domain data, gains can be made in explainable, automated fact-checking for claims which require specific expertise. Expand
Explainable Automated Fact-Checking: A Survey
This survey focuses on the explanation functionality – that is fact-checking systems providing reasons for their predictions, and summarizes existing methods for explaining the predictions of fact- checking systems and explores trends in this topic. Expand
Relation-Based Counterfactual Explanations for Bayesian Network Classifiers
It is proved empirically for various BCs that CFXs provide useful information in real world settings, and it is shown that they have inherent advantages over existing explanation methods in the literature. Expand