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A Calculus for Orchestration of Web Services
We introduce COWS (Calculus for Orchestration of Web Services), a new foundational language for SOC whose design has been influenced by WS-BPEL, the de facto standard language for orchestration ofExpand
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SLAC: A Formal Service-Level-Agreement Language for Cloud Computing
The need of mechanisms to automate and regulate the interaction amongst the parties involved in the offered cloud services is exacerbated by the increasing number of providers and solutions thatExpand
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A calculus for attribute-based communication
The notion of attribute-based communication seems promising to model and analyse systems with huge numbers of interacting components that dynamically adjust and combine their behaviour to achieveExpand
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Reputation-Based Cooperation in the Clouds
The popularity of the cloud computing paradigm is opening new opportunities for collaborative computing. In this paper we tackle a fundamental problem in open-ended cloud-based distributed computingExpand
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The SCEL Language: Design, Implementation, Verification
SCEL (Service Component Ensemble Language) is a new language specifically designed to rigorously model and program autonomic components and their interaction, while supporting formal reasoning onExpand
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The Autonomic Cloud: A Vision of Voluntary, Peer-2-Peer Cloud Computing
Autonomic computing - that is, the development of software and hardware systems featuring a certain degree of self-awareness and self-adaptability - is a field with many application areas and manyExpand
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Reversible session-based pi-calculus
In this work, we incorporate reversibility into structured communication-based programming, to allow parties of a session to automatically undo, in a rollback fashion, the effect of previouslyExpand
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Formalisation and Implementation of the XACML Access Control Mechanism
We propose a formal account of XACML, an OASIS standard adhering to the Policy Based Access Control model for the specification and enforcement of access control policies. To clarify all ambiguousExpand
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C-clock-WS: A Timed Service-Oriented Calculus
COWS (Calculus for Orchestration of Web Services) is a foundational language for Service Oriented Computing that combines in an original way a number of ingredients borrowed from well-known processExpand
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Towards model-driven development of access control policies for web applications
We introduce a UML-based notation for graphically modeling systems' security aspects in a simple and intuitive way and a model-driven process that transforms graphical specifications of accessExpand
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