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Inter-project learning: processes and outcomes of knowledge codification in project-based firms
In this paper, we argue that the literature on knowledge codification has been overly concerned with the economic properties of its outcomes, neglecting the importance of its underlying learningExpand
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Managing Product Development Projects: On the Significance of Fountains and Deadlines
Product development in high-technology industries is often carried out in projects. Managing such projects is a matter of both promoting creative knowledge generation processes and controllingExpand
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Open to a Select Few? Matching Partners and Knowledge Content for Open Innovation Performance
The purpose of the paper is to illuminate the costs and benefits of crossing firm boundaries in inbound open innovation (OI) by determining the relationships among partner types, knowledge contentExpand
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Knowledge integration and innovation : A survey of the field
This chapter gives an overview of previous contributions on knowledge integration (KI). It surveys definitions and empirical operationalizations of the concept of ‘knowledge integration’, reviews theExpand
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Exploring the Dynamics of Knowledge Integration
This article investigates knowledge integration in product development projects. While much previous literature draws attention to the need for clearly specified goals, extensive knowledge sharingExpand
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Whole-cell analysis of ionic currents underlying the firing pattern of neurons in the gustatory zone of the nucleus tractus solitarii.
1. Previous work from this laboratory has shown that rostral nucleus tractus solitarii (rNTS) neurons can be separated into four different classes on the basis of responses to a current injectionExpand
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Match and manage: the use of knowledge matching and project management to integrate knowledge in collaborative inbound open innovation
Despite mounting evidence on the potential benefits of inbound open innovation, little is known about how firms purposefully manage inflows of knowledge. We investigate the use of two knowledgeExpand
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Where and how to search? Search paths in open innovation
We propose four search paths – situated paths, analogical paths, sophisticated paths, and scientific paths – which respond to recent calls to move beyond “where to search” and to investigate the connection with “how to search. Expand
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What Do Organizations Know? Dynamics of Justification Contexts in R&D Activities
This article suggests a framework for analysing organizational knowledge as a process of justification in different contexts. Drawing upon philosophy, it identifies four principal contexts forExpand
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Making Sense of Learning Landscapes in Project-Based Organizations
Management of knowledge in project environments is a unique text that brings together contributions from leading academic practitioners, to demonstrate how the management of knowledge can lead to pExpand
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