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New mosquito larvicidal tetranortriterpenoids from Turraea wakefieldii and Turraea floribunda.
Four new limonoids comprising a vilasininoid 1 and three havanensinoids 2-4 were isolated from the chloroform fractions of the methanol extracts of Turraea wakefieldii and T. floribunda to show mosquito larvicidal activity against third-instar larvae of Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto. Expand
Screening for Antimicrobial Activity of Ageratum conyzoides L.: A Pharmaco-Microbiological Approach
The aims of this study were to determine which solvent would be the most suitable to extract the active constituents from the plant, and besides, to determine the antimicrobial properties of the plant extracts against strains of resistant and multiple resistant pathogenic microorganisms. Expand
(+)-neo-olivil from roots of Urtica dioica
Abstract The all- trans configuration of (+)-neo-olivil from Urtica dioica was established by NMR-spectroscopy. After transforming it to (−)-epipinoresinol and (−)-pinoresinol withExpand
Ancistroheynine B and two further 7,3'-coupled naphthylisoquinoline alkaloids from Ancistrocladus heyneanus Wall.
A new axially chiral naphthylisoquinoline alkaloid has been isolated from the leaves of the Indian liana Ancistrocladus heyneanus Wall. Expand
4-Oxonicotinamide-1-(1′-β-d-ribofuranoside) from Rothmannia longiflora Salisb. (Rubiaceae)
Abstract The first isolation of 4-oxonicotinamide-1-(1′-β- d -ribofuranoside) from a nonmammalian source, the West African plant Rothmannia longiflora Salisb. (Rubiaceae), is described. ItsExpand
Isolation of ent-labdane (+)-12,15-epoxylabda-8(17), 12,14-trien-16-yl acetate from the seeds of Turraeanthus africanus and its cytostatic/cytotoxic effect on the growth of cancer cells in vitro
Abstract(+)-12,15-Epoxylabda-8(17),12,14-trien-16-yl acetate has been isolated from the seed kernels of Turraeanthus africanus (Nelw. ex DC). The stereo structure was confirmed by 1D-and 2D-NMRExpand
(2E,4Z )-Decadienoic acid and (2E,4Z,7Z )-decatrienoic acid, two herbicidal metabolites from Streptomyces viridochromogenes Tü 6105†
Two fatty acids, (2,4Z)-decadienoic acid and (2E,4 Z,7Z)- decatrienoic acids, were detected in the culture filtrate of Streptomyces viridochromogenes Tu 6105 by HPLC-diode array screening, purified by chromatographic methods and structurally elucidated by NMR techniques. Expand