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Aid and Growth Regressions
This paper examines the relationship between foreign aid and growth in real GDP per capita as it emerges from simple augmentations of popular cross-country growth specifications. It is shown that aidExpand
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Aid effectiveness disputed
There is a widespread perception among academic researchers and aid practitioners alike that empirical cross‐country analysis fails to find any significant link between aid flows and growth, and thatExpand
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On the Empirics of Foreign Aid and Growth
This paper takes a fresh look at three issues in the aid effectiveness debate. First, we assess the theoretical case for foreign aid. Using an endogenous growth version of the standard overlappingExpand
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Agricultural Supply Response and Poverty in Mozambique
This paper identifies key causal factors behind farmers' marketing decisions in Mozambique. A two-step decision making process is outlined. Farmers decide, first, whether or not to participate in theExpand
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Aid, Growth, and Development: Have We Come Full Circle?
The micro-macro paradox has been revived. Despite broadly positive evaluations at the micro- and meso-levels, recent literature doubts the ability of foreign aid to foster economic growth andExpand
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Formal and Informal Rural Credit in Four Provinces of Vietnam
Abstract This paper uses a survey of 932 rural households to uncover how the rural credit market operates in Vietnam. Households obtain credit through formal and informal lenders. Formal loans areExpand
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Business Cycles in Developing Countries: Are They Different?
This paper demonstrates that developing countries differ considerably from their developed counterparts when focus is on the nature and characteristics of short-run macroeconomic fluctuations. CyclesExpand
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Financial liberalization, financial development and economic growth in LDCs
The objective of this paper is to survey what is actually known about the finance-growth relationship based on theory and empirical work. We point out that traditional theoretical models linkingExpand
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Aid, Conditionality and Debt in Africa
This paper presents a diagnosis of the current dysfunctionalities of the aid, conditionality and debt regime in Africa. It is argued that the key feature of the current system is that of aidExpand
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Technology transfers, foreign investment and productivity spillovers
This paper explores the relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and the productivity of host country domestic firms. We rely on a specially designed survey of over 4000 manufacturingExpand
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