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A comparison of the capacities of isomers of amphetamine, deoxypipradrol and methylphenidate to inhibit the uptake of tritiated catecholamines into rat cerebral cortex slices, synaptosomal
The uptake of tritiated catecholamines into crude synaptosomal preparations of rat cere bral cortex, hypothalamus and striatum, into rat cerebral cortex slices and into adrenergic nerves of rabbitExpand
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IgG subclasses of anti-tetanus toxoid antibodies in adult and newborn normal subjects and in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren's syndrome, and drug-induced autoimmunity.
The IgG subclasses of anti-tetanus toxoid (anti-TT) antibodies were quantitated in normal sera and sera from patients with rheumatic disease. Detection relied on a set of four mouse monoclonalExpand
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IgG subclasses of autoantibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren's syndrome, and drug-induced autoimmunity.
The IgG subclasses displayed by autoantibodies were examined in patients with systemic rheumatic diseases. Solid-phase assays performed with purified antigens were combined with a set of four mouseExpand
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[The trend of proportion among inpatients with gout in 21 hospitals during the past 15 years].
We analyzed data gathered from 21 hospitals in our country from 1979 to 1993 on the total number of hospitalized patients with the number of gout patients. Results showed that the proportion ofExpand
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Erythrosine (Red No. 3) and its nonspecific biochemical actions: what relation to behavioral changes?
Biochemical studies have shown that the ability of erythrosine to inhibit dopamine uptake into brain synaptosomal preparations is dependent on the concentration of tissue present in the assayExpand
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Preclinical Neurochemical and Electrophysiological Profile of 1192U90, A Potential Antipsychotic
11192U90 was submitted to receptor binding and monoamine uptake assays. It bound potently at serotonin 5-HT2, dopaminergic D2, serotonin 5-HT1A, and adrenergic α1 and α2 receptors. It also bound toExpand
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Evidence that the potential antipsychotic agent rimcazole (BW 234U) is a specific, competitive antagonist of sigma sites in brain.
Rimcazole (BW 234U) is a potential antipsychotic agent which in open-clinical trials appears to be effective in acute schizophrenic patients. In the present study, rimcazole was found to block theExpand
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Comparison of the effects of the isomers of amphetamine, methylphenidate and deoxypipradrol on the uptake of l-[3H]norepinephrine and [3H]dopamine by synaptic vesicles from rat whole brain, striatum
  • R. Ferris, F. Tang
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Journal of pharmacology and experimental…
  • 1 September 1979
The ATP-Mg++-dependent uptake of [3H]dopamine and l-[3H]norepinephrine into purified synaptic vesicles of whole rat brain, rat striatum and rat hypothalamus was inhibited 10-fold more effectively byExpand
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Pseudoautoimmunity in normal mice: anti-histone antibodies elicited by immunization versus induction during graft-versus-host reaction.
Native preparations of evolutionarily conserved intracellular macromolecules are generally nonimmunogenic when injected in soluble form. However, vigorous immune responses were observed when commonExpand
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Effects of apomorphine in vitro on the uptake and release of catecholamines in crude synaptosomal preparations of rat striatum and hypothalamus.
Abstract It is currently believed that apomorphine exerts its pharmacological effects primarily by a direct stimulatory action on post-synaptic dopaminergic receptors. In the present study, uptake ofExpand
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