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GEX1 compounds, novel antitumor antibiotics related to herboxidiene, produced by Streptomyces sp. I. Taxonomy, production, isolation, physicochemical properties and biological activities.
Six structurally related antitumor antibiotics named GEX1 compounds were isolated from a culture broth of Streptomyces sp. GEX1A was identified as a known herbicide, herboxidiene, structurallyExpand
GE3, a novel hexadepsipeptide antitumor antibiotic, produced by Streptomyces sp. I. Taxonomy, production, isolation, physico-chemical properties, and biological activities.
GE3 was weakly active against some Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and showed potent cytotoxicity against human tumor cell lines and exhibited antitumor activity against human pancreatic carcinoma, PSN-1, in vivo. Expand
UCE6, a new antitumor antibiotic with topoisomerase I-mediated DNA cleavage activity produced by actinomycetes: producing organism, fermentation, isolation and biological activity.
UCE6 exhibited growth inhibitory activity against HeLa S3, HCT116 and Lu-65 cells comparable to that of camptothecin and addition of silicone oil antifoam agent, KS69, to the fermentation enhanced the production of UCE6 by approximately 3 fold. Expand
Effect of cultivation conditions on odor character and chemical profile of shiso (Perilla frutescens) flavor.
Flavor profiling and sensory evaluations were carried out on shiso leaves cultivated under various conditions. The growth stage, leaf position and cultivation environment (in a glasshouse or in aExpand
Preparation of Activated Carbon from Holdfasts of Kelp, Large Brown Seaweed, Saccharina japonica
Dried kelp is one of the most important Japanese foods mainly used as base ingredient. Holdfasts, or rhizoids, of kelp are usually discarded, as rocks, shells, ropes and other contaminants areExpand
Biovolume of the phytoplankton in aquaculture tropical ponds
Aquaculture has great potential to increase al! over the world. This is due to the increasing demand for new sources of animal protein, and because the natural sources of aquatic food for h uman useExpand