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Development, implementation, and validation of a generic nutrient recovery model (NRM) library
We developed a generic nutrient recovery model library based on detailed chemical solution speciation and reaction kinetics, with focus on fertilizer quality and quantity as model outputs. Expand
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Effects of sorption, sulphate reduction, and Phragmites australis on the removal of heavy metals in subsurface flow constructed wetland microcosms.
The removal of Co, Ni, Cu and Zn from synthetic industrial wastewater was studied in subsurface flow constructed wetland microcosms filled with gravel or a gravel/straw mixture. Half of theExpand
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Delivery of a DNAzyme targeting c-myc to HT29 colon carcinoma cells using a gold nanoparticulate approach.
The objective of the current study was to develop cellular delivery approaches for catalytic DNA enzymes (DNAzymes) which cleave targeted messenger RNA, using vectors based on colloidal gold. TheExpand
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Limitations for phytoextraction management on metal-polluted soils with poplar short rotation coppice—evidence from a 6-year field trial
ABSTRACT Poplar clones were studied for their phytoextraction capacity in the second growth cycle (6-year growth) on a site in the Belgian Campine region, which is contaminated with Cd and Zn viaExpand
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Copper Bioavailability to Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) in Long-Term Cu-Contaminated Soils, Uncontaminated Soils, and Recently Cu-Spiked Soils
Copper solubility and its bioavailability to Phaseolus vulgaris in long-term copper-contaminated soils, uncontaminated soils, and copper-spiked soils were studied. The role of plant factors, totalExpand
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Untersuchungen zur Lagerung von Miscanthus sinensis giganteus ( Chinaschilt) Investigations in Storing of Miscanthus Sinensis Giganteus (China Reed)
At the beginning of 1989 a 5- year research demonstration project supported by BMFTIBML was started by VEBA OEL AG which includes a/1 investigations of production and utilization of miscanthusExpand
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Schadgaskonzentrationen in alternativen Legehennenhaltungsverfahren
Ammonia and carbon dioxide concentrations in the house air of two storey aviary housing systems for laying hens, with access to an outdoor area, were measured. The values varied widely daily, as wellExpand
Lagerungsverhalten von Holzhackschnitzeln in Mieten
Since firewood is harvested and used at different times, storing larger amounts of wood chips becomes mandatory. Storage in buildings would result in high storage costs. The investigations presentedExpand