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Rotaviruses are important and prevalent etiologic agents of acute gastroenteritis in young children in Isfahan and being in day care centers and bottle-feeding can serve as precipitating factors of rotavirus diseases in this age group. Expand
Study of seroprevalence and risk factors for Toxoplasma gondii among pregnant women in Karaj township of Alborz province [2013]
According to the positive cases between the patients, there should be some regular screen programs to recognize the chronic and acute infections especially in pregnant women. Expand
Comparison of anti-toxoplasma IgG and IgM antibodies determined by ELISA method in diabetic and non-diabetic individuals in west Mazandaran province, Iran, 2011-2012
The aim of the current study was to determine the serum levels of anti-toxoplas ma IgG and IgM in diabetic and non-diabetic people, and found no statistically significant difference in prevalence of the parasite in diabeti c andNon-di diabetic individuals. Expand
Enhancement of immune response induced by DNA vaccine cocktail expressing complete LACK and TSA genes against Leishmania major
The findings of this study indicated that the cocktail DNA vaccine increased the cellular response and survival rate and induced protection against infection with Leishmania in the mice. Expand
Novel chloroquine loaded curcumin based anionic linear globular dendrimer G2: a metabolomics study on Plasmodium falciparum in vitro using 1H NMR spectroscopy
Synthesis of nanocomposites played an essential role in understanding drug-target interactions and characterization of mechanism of action or resistance exhibited by novel antiprotozoal drugs, can be achieved by targeting metabolic using LC-MS. Expand
Comparative Evaluation of Iron Deficiency among Obese and Non-obese Children
Background Obese children are at the risk of micronutrient deficiency especially iron deficiency. Given the importance of iron deficiency in this age group and considering the existing discrepancies,Expand
In vitro and in vivo susceptibility of Leishmania major to some medicinal plants
The findings indicate that the tested plant extracts are effective against Leishmania major both during in-vitro and in vivo experiments, but further researches are required to recommend a potential plant extract as an alternative drug. Expand
Frequency of intestinal parasitic infections and related factors among primary school children in Abyek township of Qazvin province (2011 -2012)
It is shown that infection with intestinal parasites does not statistically significant according to sex and age and awareness on infectious diseases, improving hygiene, and application of supportive programs for parents to elevate socioeconomic conditions may reduce the burden of infection. Expand
Seroprevalence of and Risk Factors for Toxoplasma gondii among Pregnant Women in Abyek Township of Qazvin Province , Iran (2013)
Seroprevalence of T. gondii among pregnant women in Abyek township of Qazvin province by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay method was indicative of having a latent infection due to the previous exposure to toxoplasma parasite in this region. Expand
Studying the Effects of Heat and Cold Shock on Cell wall Microstructure and Survival of Some LAB in Milk
In this study we investigated the effect of heat shock (42-45°C for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes) cold shock (4, 0, -5, -10 and -20°C for 2h) on cell wall Microstructure of LAB. Cell wall ChangesExpand