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The Production of Indole Acetic Acid by Ustilago Zeae, and Its Possible Significance in Tumor Formation.
  • F. T. Wolf
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 1 February 1952
Psoralen, an inhibitor in the seeds of Psoralea subacaulis (Leguminosae)
Crystalline material isolated from the leachate, both from the non-glycosidic fraction and from the hydrolyzed glycosidics fraction, was identified as the furocoumarin, psoralen, believed to be responsible for the inhibition of seed germination and root growth observed in this species. Expand
Chemical Nature of the Fluorescent Pigment produced in Microsporum- infected Hair
In spite of numerous studies of the properties of the fluorescent pigment2–8, the chemical nature of the fungus metabolite responsible for fluorescence has not been discovered. Expand
A Contribution to the Life History and Geographic Distribution of the Genus Allomyces
Almost thirty years ago Butler (1911) discovered in India a peculiar aquatic fungus to which he gave the name Allomzyces arbuscula. This organism is a member of the phycomycetous orderExpand
Effects of Light and Darkness on Biosynthesis of Carotenoid Pigments in Wheat Seedlings.
  • F. T. Wolf
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Plant physiology
  • 1 November 1963
The results of analyses of the carotenoid pigments of wheat seedlings grown in light and in darkness show large increases in /3carotene and lutein in both cotyledons and leaves upon illumination of dark grown plants. Expand
The Chlorophyll Content of Tea