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Optimization models for targeted offers in direct marketing: Exact and heuristic algorithms
This paper presents an optimization model for the selection of sets of clients that will receive an offer for one or more products during a promotion campaign. We show that the problem is stronglyExpand
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Exact algorithms for a generalization of the order acceptance and scheduling problem in a single-machine environment
This paper studies a generalization of the order acceptance and scheduling problem in a single-machine environment where a pool consisting of firm planned orders as well as potential orders isExpand
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Revealed Preference Tests of Collectively Rational Consumption Behavior: Formulations and Algorithms
To verify the empirical adequacy of a particular household consumption model, it is important to develop efficient tests did can be applied to real-world data. These tests check whether the observedExpand
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A combination of flow shop scheduling and the shortest path problem
This paper studies a combinatorial optimization problem which is obtained by combining the flow shop scheduling problem and the shortest path problem. The objective of the obtained problem is toExpand
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Robust optimization for resource-constrained project scheduling with uncertain activity durations
The purpose of this paper is to propose models for project scheduling when there is considerable uncertainty in the activity durations, to the extent that the decision maker cannot with confidenceExpand
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On the complexity of testing the Collective Axiom of Revealed Preference
We prove that the problem of testing whether data of consumption expenditures satisfy the Collective Axiom of Revealed Preference (CARP) is an NP-complete problem.
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A Note on Testing Axioms of Revealed Preference
This Note presents an algorithm for testing the generalized axiom of revealed preference that runs in quadratic time. We show that this algorithm can be used to solve a more general problem onExpand
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A fast greedy heuristic for scheduling modular projects
This article describes a heuristic for scheduling so-called ‘modular’ projects. Exact solutions to this NP-hard problem can be obtained with existing branch-and-bound and dynamic-programmingExpand
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Robust maximum weighted independent-set problems on interval graphs
We study the maximum weighted independent-set problem on interval graphs with uncertainty on the vertex weights. We use the absolute robustness criterion and the min–max regret criterion to evaluateExpand
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Resource loading with time windows
Resource loading appears in many variants in tactical (mid-term) capacity planning in multi-project environments. It develops a rough sketch of the resource usage and timing of the work packages of aExpand
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