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The middle-range theory of unpleasant symptoms: an update.
A detailed description of the newly revised and updated theory of unpleasant symptoms is provided. Revisions have resulted in a more accurate representation of the complexity and interactive natureExpand
The semantic conception of theories and scientific realism
Frederick Suppe has come to enjoy a position of undisputed leadership in the post-positivistic philosophy of science. Students of the field will therefore welcome publication of the present accountExpand
Collaborative development of middle‐range nursing theories: Toward a theory of unpleasant symptoms
A postpositivistic definition of middle-range theory is advanced, an argument is made for shifting nursing's theory development activities from discipline-defining grand theories tomiddle-range theories, and a collaborative and incremental approach to middle- range theory development is described and illustrated. Expand
Understanding Scientific Theories: An Assessment of Developments, 1969-1998
  • F. Suppe
  • Sociology, Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Science
  • 1 September 2000
The positivistic Received View construed scientific theories syntactically as axiomatic calculi where theoretical terms were given a partial semantic interpretation via correspondence rulesExpand
The Search for Philosophic Understanding of Scientific Theories
Catalysts capable of desulfurizing organo-sulfur compounds particularly those normally found in petroleum compositions, such as thiophene, are prepared from metal-containing compounds of metals ofExpand
HIV Epidemics Driven by Late Disease Stage Transmission
Using robust modeling, high-resolution estimates of semen infectivity by HIV disease stage are provided and it is found that the infectivity of the symptomatic stage is far higher, hence more potent, than the values that prior studies have used when modeling HIV transmission dynamics. Expand
"What's Wrong with the Received View on the Structure of Scientific Theories?"
  • F. Suppe
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy of Science
  • 1 March 1972
Achinstein, Putnam, and others have urged the rejection of the received view on theories (which construes theories as axiomatic calculi where theoretical terms are given partial observationalExpand
Why Atmospheric Modeling is Good Science
A multi-stage, recycling, centrifugal, flotation separator system, comprising a circular cylindrical vessel with vertical axis, having a horizontal tray positioned inside the vessel near the top, theExpand
Classifying sexual disorders: the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.
  • F. Suppe
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of homosexuality
  • 26 October 2008
The objectivity of the classification of sexual disorders in the third edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-III) of the American Psychiatric Association is explored via a criticalExpand