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Utilization of flue gas for cultivation of microalgae Chlorella sp.) in an outdoor open thin-layer photobioreactor
Flue gas generated by combustion of natural gas in a boiler was used for outdoor cultivation of Chlorella sp. in a 55 m2 culture area photobioreactor. A 6 mm thick layer of algal suspensionExpand
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Tissue-engineered heart valves.
Currently-used mechanical and biological heart valve prostheses have several disadvantages. Mechanical prostheses, based on carbon, metallic and polymeric components, require permanentExpand
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SUMMARY: Increased contents of hydrogen sulphide in biogas can be decreased by direct microaerophilic oxidation. Best and cheapest solution treatment of nitrogen-rich substrates is cofermentationExpand
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The Hemodynamic Effect of Right Ventricle (RV), RT3DE Targeted Left Ventricle (LV) and Biventricular (BIV) Pacing in the Early Postoperative Period After Cardiac Surgery
Background: Congestive heart failure negatively impacts the prognosis in patients after cardiac surgery. The aim of our study was to assess the value of targeted cardiac resynchronization therapyExpand
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Biventricular pacing in the early postoperative period after cardiac surgery.
Cardiac resynchronization therapy is not commonly used in the early postoperative period in patients undergoing cardiac surgery who have left ventricular (LV) dysfunction and a history of heartExpand
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The Cellular and Extracellular Matrix Structure of Human Pericardium for Heart Valve Tissue Engineering
Abstract The objective of our study was to compare the histological structure and cellular organization of autologous human pericardium to that of the human aortic heart valve. Collagen, elastin andExpand
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Monday, 27 August 2012
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A Pilot Study of Systolic Dyssynchrony Index by Real Time Three‐Dimensional Echocardiography and Doppler Tissue Imaging Parameters Predicting the Hemodynamic Response to Biventricular Pacing in the
Objective: To evaluate systolic dyssynchrony index (SDI) measured by real time three‐dimensional echocardiography (RT3DE) and Doppler tissue imaging (DTI) dyssynchrony parameters in predicting theExpand
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Collagen structures in pericardium and aortic heart valves and their significance for tissue engineering
Biological prostheses of human heart valves are prepared from autologous heart valves and from xenogeneic heart valves or pericardium. Xenogenous and allogenous biological prostheses are associatedExpand
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