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The volume of a sexually dimorphic nucleus in the ovine medial preoptic area/anterior hypothalamus varies with sexual partner preference.
Sheep are one of the few animal models in which natural variations in male sexual preferences have been studied experimentally. Approximately 8% of rams exhibit sexual preferences for male partnersExpand
Decreased Progesterone Levels and Progesterone Receptor Antagonists Promote Apoptotic Cell Death in Bovine Luteal Cells1
Abstract We tested the hypothesis that progesterone (P4) acts at a local level to inhibit luteal apoptosis. Initial experiments employed aminoglutethimide, a P450 cholesterol side-chain cleavageExpand
Plasma fatty acids, prostaglandin F2alpha metabolite, and reproductive response in postpartum heifers fed rumen bypass fat.
An experiment was conducted to determine whether feeding rumen-protected fatty acids (FA) to postpartum heifers would increase plasma concentrations of linoleic acid and PGF2, metabolite (PGFM),Expand
Nongenomic Inhibition of Oxytocin Binding by Progesterone in the Ovine Uterus1
Abstract Progesterone (P4) has been reported to inhibit oxytocin (OT) binding to its receptor in isolated murine endometrial membranes. The purpose of the present research was to 1) examine the inExpand
Relationship of Serum Testosterone Concentrations to Mate Preferences in Rams1
Abstract This study examined systemic testosterone concentrations in rams that were classified according to their sexual behavior and partner preference as either female-oriented (FOR), male-orientedExpand
Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of estrogen on uterine DNA synthesis.
The induction of long-term responses in the uterus following estrogen treatment is discussed, with special reference to DNA synthesis. Immature female rats injected daily with estradiol-17beta orExpand
Progesterone synthesis by ovine fetal cotyledons in vitro.
Cytogenetic evaluation of ova from pubertal and third-estrous gilts.
Cytogenetic characteristics of ova surgically recovered from 19 first-estrous (pubertal) gilts were compared with those from 24 third-estrous gilts. Mean percentage recovery of ova was 82.1 +/- 2.9%.Expand
Non-genomic actions of progesterone and estrogens in regulating reproductive events in domestic animals.
It has been established that nuclear receptors mediate the action of estrogens and progestins in regulating gene expression in the hypothalamic-hypophyseal-gonadal axis of domestic animals duringExpand
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone-induced alteration of bovine corpus luteum function.
Two experiments were conducted to evaluate effects of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) on the function of the bovine corpus luteum during the estrous cycle. In Experiment 1, 10 beef heifers wereExpand