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Does it Matter that we do not Agree on the Definition of Poverty? A Comparison of Four Approaches
While there is world-wide agreement on poverty reduction as an overriding goal of development policy, there is little agreement on the definition of poverty. Four approaches to the definition andExpand
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Economic Growth and Human Development
This paper cuts adrift the mainstream approach to the legal-origins debate on the law-growth nexus by integrating both overall economic and human components in our understanding of how regulationExpand
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Horizontal Inequalities: A Neglected Dimension of Development
Current thinking about development places individuals firmly at the centre of concern, the basic building block for analysis and policy. This is as true of the innovations led by Amartya Sen, whichExpand
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Crisis Prevention: Tackling Horizontal Inequalities
This paper analyses the economic and social causes of conflict, drawing conclusions for conflict prevention. Civil wars normally occur when groups mobilize against each other, on the basis of someExpand
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Horizontal inequalities and conflict : understanding group violence in multiethnic societies
PART ONE: CONCEPTS AND ISSUES Horizontal Inequalities and Conflict: An Introduction and Some Hypotheses F.Stewart Who Should be Included? Noncitizens, Conflict and the Constitution of the CitizenryExpand
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V‐Goods and the Role of the Urban Informal Sector in Development
This paper analyzes the role of the urban informal sector in a developing country in relation to the performance of agriculture and other rural activities on the one hand and that of urban formalExpand
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Groups and Capabilities
The paper suggests that groups should be given a more central role than they generally are in the capability approach. Being a member of a group or groups is an intrinsic aspect of human life: theExpand
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Paths to Success: The Relationship between Human Development and Economic Growth
This paper explores the two-way relationships between Economic Growth (EG) and Human Development (HD), building on an earlier work by Ranis, Stewart, and Ramirez (2000). Here, we show that HD is notExpand
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Do PRSPs empower poor countries and disempower the World Bank, or is it the other way round?
Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) have been introduced by the World Bank and the IMF as a necessary aspect of securing HIPC debt relief and access to other funds. They are intended toExpand
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Horizontal inequalities in Kenya and the political disturbances of 2008: some implications for aid policy
Studies of the root causes of violent conflict within countries indicate that severe horizontal inequalities are an important factor, especially where both political and socio-economic inequalitiesExpand
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