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Synthesis of a cortisol-biotin conjugate and evaluation as a tracer in an immunoassay for salivary cortisol measurement
Cortisol 3-(o-carboxymethyl)oxime (C3-CMO) and a commercially available biotin-hydrazide derivative were used to synthesize a C3-CMO-biotin conjugate. C3-CMO was converted into a N-hydroxysuccinimideExpand
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Successful treatment of prostatic cancer with the orally active depot estrogen ethinylestradiol sulfonate (Turisteron).
Ethinylestradiol sulfonate (Turisteron) is an orally highly active depot-estrogen with relatively low side effects. In men with prostatic cancer, weekly administration of 2 mg Turisteron resulted inExpand
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A neuroendocrine predisposition for homosexuality in men
In male rats, androgen deficiency during a critical hypothalamic organizational period was shown to give rise to a predominantly female-differentiated brain, homosexual behavior, and demonstration ofExpand
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Responses of salivary cortisol levels to stress-situations.
A procedure is described for determining salivary cortisol levels by a competitive protein-binding assay using horse transcortin. The collection of saliva was performed by means of filterExpand
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Teratogenetic maternofoetal transmission and prevention of diabetes susceptibility.
Gestational diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance in pregnancy were found to be important teratogenetic risk factors for the development of diabetes in the offspring. Mechanisms of action andExpand
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Sexual differentiation of gonadotrophin secretion, sexual orientation and gender role behavior.
The positive estrogen feedback was found to be a relatively sex-specific reaction of the hypothalamo-hypophyseal system in rats as well as in human beings. It is dependent--most of all--on theExpand
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Haemangiomatosis in children: Value of MRI during therapy
MRI findings of 18 examinations of six children with haemangiomatosis and one with extended arteriovenous malformation are reported. Structures involved were the liver, liver and lung, periorbitalExpand
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Plasma testosterone levels in rats under various conditions.
A radioimmunoassay (RIA) for testosterone (T) was found to be suitable for determination in plasma of rats. Since the cross-reactive dihydrotestosterone levels were extremely low both in males (130.8Expand
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An apparently direct inhibitory effect of oestrogen on the human testis.
In men suffering from prostatic cancer, i.v. administration of 12 g diethylstilboestrol diphosphate within 20 days resulted in a decrease of the LH serum level to about 50% (P less than 0.05),Expand
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