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Research on Reading Instruction for Individuals with Significant Cognitive Disabilities
This article presents the results of a comprehensive review of 128 studies on teaching reading to individuals with significant cognitive disabilities. The review compared these studies against theExpand
Effects of Training in Universal Design for Learning on Lesson Plan Development
The effects of training in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) on lesson plan development of special and general educators in a college classroom environment were investigated. A true experimentalExpand
A Meta-Analysis on Teaching Mathematics to Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities
This article reports on a comprehensive literature review and meta-analysis of 68 experiments on teaching mathematics to individuals with significant cognitive disabilities. Most of the studies inExpand
Using Time Delay to Teach Literacy to Students with Severe Developmental Disabilities
A review of the literature was conducted for articles published between 1975 and 2007 on the application of time delay as an instructional procedure to teach word and picture recognition to studentsExpand
Teaching Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities
Part I: Educational Foundations. Browder, Spooner, Meier, Introduction. Browder, Spooner, Wakeman, Alternate Assessment. Browder, Spooner, Jimenez, Standards-based Individualized Education Plans andExpand
Teaching Elementary Students with Multiple Disabilities to Participate in Shared Stories
Literacy may be one of the most important instructional areas for enhancing quality of life for all students. One way to promote literacy skills is through engaging students in the shared reading ofExpand
The Alignment of Alternate Assessment Content with Academic and Functional Curricula
The 1997 amendments to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act required states to provide access to the general curriculum and alternate assessments for students with disabilities who wereExpand
Student Evaluation Of College Teaching: A Practice In Search Of Principles
First introduced in the mid-1920s, student evaluation of instruction is a routine, mandatory part of teaching in colleges and universities in America. In this research, we summarized what is knownExpand
Teachers' Perceptions of Alternate Assessments
The purpose of this study was to examine teachers' perceptions of alternate assessments. A total of 983 teachers from five states participated in this study. The results suggest that teachers tendedExpand
Increasing Comprehension of Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities and Visual Impairments during Shared Stories.
Shared stories have been shown to help increase emerging literacy skills in students with significant intellectual disabilities. One important literacy skill is the development of listeningExpand