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Corals on seamount peaks provide evidence of current acceleration over deep-sea topography
Geological and physical studies of seamounts have suggested the existence of distinct deep-sea habitats, characterized by exposed rocky bottom and a unique current regime1–9. However, few biologicalExpand
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Flip‐Floating Instrument Platform
A stable platform from which to perform experiments at sea has been a long‐sought goal of sea‐going scientists. In order to perform fine‐scale experiments on fluctuations of acoustic signals in theExpand
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Broadband seismology in the oceans: Lessons from the Ocean Seismic Network Pilot Experiment
The fundamental objective of the Ocean Seismic Network Pilot Experiment (OSNPE)—which was carried out over a period of about 4 months at a site 225 km southwest of Oahu, Hawaii—was to learn how toExpand
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Hydrothermal heat flux of the “black smoker” vents on the East Pacific Rise
Abstract Active hydrothermal vents have been discovered on the East Pacific Rise at 21°N [1]. The most spectacular of the vents jet out 350°C water at flow rates of several meters per second. TheExpand
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Suboceanic Geodetic Measurements
  • F. Spiess
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  • IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote…
  • 1 July 1985
This paper reviews the needs for geodetic ties among seafloor points and between such points and others on land, as well as the environmental constraints on potential systems for making suchExpand
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Ocean Seismic Network Pilot Experiment
[1] The primary goal of the Ocean Seismic Network Pilot Experiment (OSNPE) was to learn how to make high quality broadband seismic measurements on the ocean bottom in preparation for a permanentExpand
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Abyssal bedforms explored with a deeply towed instrument package
Abstract Several types of abyssal bedforms have been discovered during surveys with a deeply towed instrument package at water depths of 1.5–6 km in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Cores andExpand
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East Pacific Rise: Hot Springs and Geophysical Experiments
Hydrothermal vents jetting out water at 380� � 30�C have been discovered on the axis of the East Pacific Rise. The hottest waters issue from mineralized chimneys and are blackened by sulfideExpand
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Analysis of a possible sea floor strain measurement system
Abstract A logical approach to large area sea floor strain measurement is to use a set of precision acoustic transponders interrogated successively from a large number of different positions by aExpand
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Temperature and video logs from the upper oceanic crust, Holes 504B and 896A, Costa Rica Rift flank: implications for the permeability of upper oceanic crust ☆
Abstract In 2001, we revisited thickly sedimented 5.9 Ma crust on the southern flank of the Costa Rica Rift for wireline re-entry of two important ocean crustal boreholes, Holes 504B and 896A, moreExpand
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