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A Reliable Multicast Protocol for Distributed Mobile Systems: Design and Evaluation
Reliable multicast is a powerful communication primitive for structuring distributed programs in which multiple processes must closely cooperate together. We propose a protocol for supportingExpand
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Group multicast in distributed mobile systems with unreliable wireless network
We propose a multicast protocol for a distributed system that includes mobile hosts. The protocol guarantees reliable delivery, i.e. delivery of every multicast and absence of duplicates. The senderExpand
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First steps towards a roboticized visual inspection system for vessels
Vessel maintenance entails periodic visual inspections of internal and external parts of the vessel hull in order to detect the typical defective situations affecting metallic structures, such asExpand
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MINOAS a Marine INspection rObotic Assistant: system requirements and design
Abstract A presentation of the project Marine INspection rObotic Assistant System (MI-NOAS) is given. It proposes the re-engineering of the overall vessel inspection methodology, by introducing anExpand
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New concepts and innovative solutions of the COSMO-SkyMed “Seconda Generazione” system
COSMO Second Generation (CSG) system has been conceived, according to the requirements stated by ASI and I-MoD, at the twofold need of ensuring operational continuity to the currently operatingExpand
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VARIAZIONI: Collaborative Authoring of Localized Cultural Heritage Contents over the Next Generation of Mashup Web Services
This paper presents developments and results from the VARIAZIONI project, funded by the Commission of the European Union under the eContentPlus program. The project aims to develop and validate anExpand
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A flexible multicast protocol for distributed mobile systems : design and evaluation
Multicast communication is a powerful paradigm for structuring distributed programs in which multiple processes must closely cooperate together. In this paper we propose a multicast protocol for aExpand
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MPEG-21 and music notation applications
Although MPEG-21 has the power to become the underlying protocol for content creation and content exchange applications, obstacles can be identified, which might impede its potential powerfulExpand
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An application for multimedia content management and on-line distribution
The Wedelmusic Server Database System (WESDAsys) is a powerful application intended for music publishers other organisations interested in storing, managing and finally distributing music andExpand
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The MINOAS project: Marine INspection rObotic Assistant System
In this paper an overall description of the MINOAS project is reported. The project proposes an innovative approach to improve ship inspection methodology, complementing human personnel withExpand
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