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Update of distribution, habitats, population size, and threat factors for the West African crocodile in Mauritania
It is suggested that crocodiles are apparently vulnerable in Mauritania and that future local conservation strategies are needed to assure the continuity of its fragile populations and preserve their habitats.
Atlas of the distribution of amphibians and reptiles in the Diawling National Park, Mauritania
This study provides the first atlas of the distribution of amphibians and reptiles in the Diawling National Park (DNP), Mauritania. Unpublished fieldwork observations collected between 2010 and 2017
The effect of rainfall on population dynamics in Sahara-Sahel rodents
It is suggested that the effect of increased number of gerbils resulted from reproduction and population density increase after bursts of primary productivity, implying interactive model of population regulation in rodent communities on Sahara-Sahel.
Biogeography and phylogenetic position of a Sahara-Sahel mountain endemic, Felovia vae (Ctenodactylidae)
Past connectivity between putatively isolated contemporary populations is highlighted, suggesting dynamic history of the regional biota shaped by Sahara-Sahel climatic fluctuations.
Differences in wing venation between parthenogenetic and bisexual species of Empoasca leafhoppers from Madeira Island.
The results showed that wing venation may provide useful characters to identify species of Empoasca despite a considerable amount of intraspecific variation.