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Certain functional properties including water absorption, fat absorption, emulsification, whippability and foam stability were determined on the sunflower flour, protein concentrates and isolate. TheExpand
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Amino Acid Composition and Nitrogen-to-Protein Conversion Factors for Animal and Plant Foods
Calcul du facteur de conversion N/P pour 23 produits alimentaires d'origine vegetale ou animale, a partir de leurs teneurs en acides amines
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Wet-milling, composition and functional properties of starch and protein isolated from buckwheat groats
Abstract Buckwheat groats, containing 75% starch and 14% protein, were wet-milled into starch, protein, fiber, tailings and steep-water fractions, with 79 and 64% extraction efficiencies for starchExpand
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Studies on the Functional Characteristics and Digestibility of Starches from Phaseolus vulgaris Biotypes
The functional properties of starches from black bean, kidney bean, navy bean, northern bean and pinto bean, all biotypes of Phaseolus vulgaris, were examined. Starch granule sizes ranged from 22 –Expand
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Oligosaccharides in Eleven Legumes and Their Air‐Classified Protein and Starch Fractions
Oligosaccharide compositions of flours from dehulled seeds of eleven legumes were determined by gas-liquid chromatography and mass spectroscopy. While soybean contained 11.7% sugars, concentrationsExpand
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Yield and functional properties of air-classified protein and starch fractions from eight legume flours
Eight legumes were pin-milled and air-classified into protein (fine) and starch (coarse) fractions and their functional properties compared with those of soybean and lupine flours. The fine materialExpand
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Composition, structure, functionality, and chemical modification of legume starches: a review.
The major carbohydrate of the legume seed is starch, which represents up to 45% of the total seed weight. In recent years, substantial progress has been made in understanding the relationship betweenExpand
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