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Some helminth parasites of fresh and brackish water fishes from Louisiana and Panama.
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The Generic Status of the Heterophyid Trematodes of the Ascocotyle Complex, Including Notes on the Systematics and Biology of Ascocotyle angrense Travassos, 1916*
The history of the Ascocotyle complex of species is briefly reviewed. The generic status of Ascocotule Looss. 1899 is revised to include the subgenera Ascocotyle Travassos, 1930, Phagicola Faust,Expand
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Parasites from Louisiana crayfishes.
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Fine structure of the tegument of Mesocestoides tetrathyridia by scanning and transmission electron microscopy.
The tegumental surface of tetrathyridial stages of the tapeworm, Mesocestoides corti, was studied by scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Two structural types of microvilli wereExpand
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