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A Unifying Field in Logics: Neutrosophic Logic.
The author makes an introduction to non-standard analysis, then extends the dialectics to “neutrosophy” – which became a new branch of philosophy. This new concept helps in generalizing the
Single Valued Neutrosophic Sets
This work defines the settheoretic operators on an instance of neutrosophic set, and provides various properties of SVNS, which are connected to the operations and relations over SVNS.
A unifying field in logics : neutrosophic logic : neutrosophy, neutrosophic set, neutrosophic probability
It was a surprise for me when in 1995 I received a manuscript from the mathematician, experimental writer and innovative painter Florentin Smarandache that introduced two new concepts: a) "neutrosophy" - study of neutralities as an extension of dialectics; b) and its derivative "neUTrosophic", opening new ways of research in four fields: philosophy, logics, set theory, and probability/statistics.
Interval Neutrosophic Sets and Logic: Theory and Applications in Computing
This work defines the set-theoretic operators on an instance of a neutrosophic set, and calls it an Interval Neutrosophics Set (INS), and introduces a new logic system based on interval neutrosophile sets and proposed data model based on the extension of fuzzy data model and paraconsistent data model.
Neutrosophic set - a generalization of the intuitionistic fuzzy set
  • F. Smarandache
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    IEEE International Conference on Granular…
  • 29 April 2004
In this paper one generalizes the intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS), paraconsistent set, and intuitionistic set to the neutrosophic set (NS). Many examples are presented. Distinctions between NS and IFS
Advances and Applications of DSmT for Information Fusion
This book is devoted to an emerging branch of Information Fusion based on new approach for modelling the fusion problematic when the information provided by the sources is both uncertain and (highly)
Introduction to Neutrosophic Statistics
In this book, the 1995 notion of neutrosophic statistics is developed and various practical examples of various types of indeterminacies are presented.
Several Similarity Measures of Neutrosophic Sets
Smarandache (1995) defined the notion of neutrosophic sets, which is a generalization of Zadeh's fuzzy set and Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy set. In this paper, we first develop some similarity
Bipolar neutrosophic sets and their application based on multi-criteria decision making problems
Based on the (Aw) and (GW) operators and the score, certainty and accuracy functions, a bipolar neutrosophic multiple criteria decision-making approach is developed, in which the evaluation values of alternatives on the attributes take the form of bipolar neutromophic numbers to select the most desirable one(s).