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A protocol for rapid identification of Brenneria nigrifluens among bacteria isolated from bark cankers in Persian walnut plants.
Using the protocol, 4 isolates of B. nigrifluens are identified among the 28 gram negative isolates obtained from bark cankers in walnut plantations on 10 farms in Central Italy, and one isolate of four and the type strain are urease negative, when determined in Dye’s medium. Expand
The crabs of the inland waters of Cuba: the known species and new data on the genus Epilobocera (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Pseudothelphusidae)
The Cuban species of the genus Epilobocera Stimpson are reviewed. E. gihnani pretzmanni nova subspecies, E. cubensis poliorcetes nova subspecies and E. c. cubensis maculiventris nova morpha, areExpand