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Stability analysis of slopes in soils with strain-softening behaviour
Abstract This paper presents a numerical approach to analyse the stability of slopes in soils with strain-softening behaviour. In these materials, a progressive failure can occur owing to a reductionExpand
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A protocol for rapid identification of Brenneria nigrifluens among bacteria isolated from bark cankers in Persian walnut plants.
A protocol based on API 20E, REP-PCR or Biolog analyses is described for rapid and reliable identification of Brenneria nigrifluens among the bacteria isolated from bark cankers in walnut plants.Expand
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Centrifuge Modeling of Seismic Loading on Tunnels in Sand
The purpose of the work is to provide an experimental benchmark on the seismic behavior of tunnels, with the final aim of calibrating numerical and analytical design methods. A series of plane-strainExpand
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A numerical Round Robin on tunnels under seismic actions
Although the seismic behaviour of shallow circular tunnels in soft ground is generally safer than aboveground structures, some tunnels were recently damaged during earthquakes. In some cases, damageExpand
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Experimental and numerical study on circular tunnels under seismic loading
This paper compares the experimental results of a set of centrifuge models of tunnels in sand under seismic loadings with the predictions of finite element dynamic analyses and of simplified methods.Expand
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The Influence of Compaction on the Mechanical Behaviour of a Silty Sand
The paper analyses the mechanical behaviour of a silty sand, as it was measured in laboratory tests on samples prepared with different density and moisture contents. After a description of theExpand
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Physical and mechanical properties of a compacted silty sand with low bentonite fraction
Compacted granular soils with small additions of bentonite have been used to build geotechnical structures such as impervious liners and cores of zoned earth dams. This paper presents a laboratoryExpand
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