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Occupancy as a measure of territory quality
Summary 1. Territory quality may affect individual fitness and contribute to density-dependent reproduction, with repercussions on population regulation. We investigated the probable causes andExpand
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Top Predators as Conservation Tools: Ecological Rationale, Assumptions, and Efficacy
We review the ecological rationale behind the potential compatibility between top predators and biodiversity conservation, and examine their effectiveness as surrogate species. Evidence suggests thatExpand
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Individual improvements and selective mortality shape lifelong migratory performance
Billions of organisms, from bacteria to humans, migrate each year and research on their migration biology is expanding rapidly through ever more sophisticated remote sensing technologies. However,Expand
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Ecologically justified charisma: preservation of top predators delivers biodiversity conservation
Summary 1. Because of their popular appeal, top vertebrate predators have frequently been used as flagship or umbrella species to acquire financial support, raise environmental awareness and planExpand
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Costs and benefits of breeding in human‐altered landscapes for the Eagle Owl Bubo bubo
We studied a population of 23–25 Eagle Owl Bubo bubo pairs between 1994 and 2000 in a 1330-km2 study plot in the central-eastern Italian Alps. Compared to random sites, territories were located atExpand
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Intraguild predation in raptor assemblages: A review
Intraguild predation, the killing of species that use similar resources, has been largely overlooked in raptor investigations. To help fill this gap in knowledge, we conducted a literature review,Expand
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Distribution, density, diet and productivity of the Scops Owl Otus scops in the Italian Alps
The Scops Owl Otus scops is probably the least known European owl. We surveyed Scops Owls in the Trento region (6200 km 2 ) of the central‐eastern Italian Alps between 1995 and 2003 and weExpand
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Spatial refugia and the coexistence of a diurnal raptor with its intraguild owl predator
Summary 1. Intraguild predation (IGP) has been studied extensively in predatory fish, amphibians and mammals, but less so in top avian predators. We studied the impact of IGP by large eagle owls BuboExpand
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Integrating individual habitat choices and regional distribution of a biodiversity indicator and top predator
Aim  Habitat selection studies have mainly focused on behavioural choices of individuals or on the habitat-related regional distribution of a population, with little integration of the twoExpand
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Electrocution alters the distribution and density of a top predator, the eagle owl Bubo bubo
Summary 1Electrocution has frequently been suggested as a cause of territory abandonment and eventual population decline of threatened species, but this has been rarely tested. We investigated theExpand
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