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Quantum Paradoxes and Physical Reality
1 / Quantum Theorists and the Physical World.- 1.1. Three Central Questions about Physics.- 1.2. The Older Generation.- 1.3. The Middle Generation.- 1.4. The Younger Generation.- 1.5. Conclusions.- 2Expand
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Frontiers of Fundamental Physics
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Sagnac Effect: End of the Mystery
Transformations of space and time depending on a synchronization parameter, e 1, indicate the existence of a privileged inertial system S 0. The Lorentz transformations are obtained for a particularExpand
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Noninvariant one-way speed of light and locally equivalent reference frames
AbstractWe consider an isotropical inertial reference frame (“stationary”) and in it a uniformly rotating circular platform of radiusR. The velocity of light $$\tilde c$$ relative to the rim of theExpand
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Noninvariant one-way velocity of light
After discussing in the first five sections the meaning and the difficulties of the principle of relativity we present a new sel of spacetime transformations between inertial systems (“inertial”Expand
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Bell’s theorem and the EPR paradox
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The Inertial Transformations and the Relativity Principle
Our recently proposed inertial transformations of the space and time variables based on absolute simultaneity imply the existence of a single isotropic inertial reference system (“privilegedExpand
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