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Long-range correlations in nucleotide sequences
This work proposes a method for studying the stochastic properties of nucleotide sequences by constructing a 1:1 map of the nucleotide sequence onto a walk, which it refers to as a 'DNA walk', and uncovers a remarkably long-range power law correlation.
Phase behaviour of metastable water
THE metastable extension of the phase diagram of liquid water exhibits rich features that manifest themselves in the equilibrium properties of water. For example, the density maximum at 4 °C and the
Relation between the Widom line and the dynamic crossover in systems with a liquid-liquid phase transition.
It is argued that this connection between C(P)(max) and dynamic crossover is not limited to the case of water, a hydrogen bond network-forming liquid, but is a more general feature of crossing the Widom line.
Computer simulations of liquid silica: equation of state and liquid-liquid phase transition.
This work conducts extensive molecular dynamics computer simulations of two models for liquid silica, and predicts the occurrence of a liquid-liquid phase transition and confirms its existence by direct observation of phase separating droplets of atoms with distinct local density and coordination environments.
Gelation of particles with short-range attraction
Experiments are reported showing that gelation of spherical particles with isotropic, short-range attractions is initiated by spinodal decomposition; this thermodynamic instability triggers the formation of density fluctuations, leading to spanning clusters that dynamically arrest to create a gel.
Inherent Structure Entropy of Supercooled Liquids
In recent years, a significant effort has been devoted to understand the fundamental nature of glass-forming materials, a long-standing open problem in condensed matter physics [1]. Theoretical [2
Potential energy landscape description of supercooled liquids and glasses
These notes review the potential energy landscape thermodynamic formalism and some of its recent applications to the study of supercooled glass forming liquids. They also review the techniques which
Observation of empty liquids and equilibrium gels in a colloidal clay.
The first observation of empty liquids and equilibrium gels in a complex colloidal clay is reported, and numerical simulations support the experimental findings with numerical simulations.
Second critical point in two realistic models of water
Using histogram reweighting and large-system scattering calculations, it is shown that both models of water have a metastable liquid-liquid critical point at deeply supercooled conditions and that this critical point is consistent with the three-dimensional Ising universality class.
Phase diagram of patchy colloids: towards empty liquids.
Theoretical results suggest that the reduction of the number of bonded nearest neighbors offers the possibility of generating liquid states with temperature T lower than the liquid-gas critical temperature with a vanishing occupied packing fraction (phi), a case which can not be realized with spherically interacting particles.