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Spin-to-orbital conversion of the angular momentum of light and its classical and quantum applications
A few years ago the possibility of coupling and inter-converting the spin and orbital angular momentum (SAM and OAM) of paraxial light beams in inhomogeneous anisotropic media was demonstrated. An
Two-particle bosonic-fermionic quantum walk via integrated photonics.
This work investigates how the particle statistics, either bosonic or fermionic, influences a two-particle discrete quantum walk, using polarization entanglement to simulate the bunching-antibunching feature of noninteracting bosons and fermions.
Experimental scattershot boson sampling
The first scattershot boson sampling experiments are reported, where six different photon-pair sources are coupled to integrated photonic circuits, providing strong evidence that the photonic quantum simulator works as expected.
Polarization entangled state measurement on a chip
We report the realization of an integrated beam splitter able to support polarization-encoded qubits. Using this device, we demonstrate quantum interference with polarization-entangled states and
Quantum information transfer from spin to orbital angular momentum of photons.
It is shown that two-photon quantum correlations such as those resulting from coalescence interference can be successfully transferred into the OAM degree of freedom.
Experimental validation of photonic boson sampling
To address the controversy regarding the validation of an experiment that is hard to simulate, boson-sampling experiments are implemented with three photons in randomly designed integrated chips with
Optimal Measurements for Simultaneous Quantum Estimation of Multiple Phases.
It is derived necessary and sufficient conditions for projective measurements acting on pure states to saturate the ultimate theoretical bound on precision given by the quantum Fisher information matrix.
Quantum interferometry with three-dimensional geometry
A new quantum interferometric scheme based on three-dimensional waveguide devices based on Fock states is proposed and theoretically investigated, expected to open new perspectives to quantum enhanced sensing and metrology performed in integrated photonics.
Experimental Phase Estimation Enhanced By Machine Learning
This work implements experimentally single-photon adaptive phase estimation protocols enhanced by machine learning, showing the capability of reaching optimal precision after a small number of trials and introduces a new approach for Bayesian estimation that exhibit best performances for very low number of photons N.
Benchmarking integrated linear-optical architectures for quantum information processing
This work provides in a unified framework a quantitative comparison of the three main photonic architectures, namely the ones with triangular and square designs and the so-called fast transformations, showing that the square design outperforms the triangular scheme in most operational conditions.