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The F-box protein FBXO45 promotes the proteasome-dependent degradation of p73
Results show that the orphan F-box protein FBXO45 regulates the stability of p73, highlighting a conserved pathway evolved from nematode to human by which the p53 members are regulated by an SCF-dependent mechanism.
Itch: a HECT-type E3 ligase regulating immunity, skin and cancer
This review aims to bring together a growing body of work exploring Itch-regulated biological processes, and to highlight recent discoveries on the regulatory mechanisms modulating its catalytic activity and substrate recognition capability.
Regulation of hedgehog Ligand Expression by the N-End Rule Ubiquitin-Protein Ligase Hyperplastic Discs and the Drosophila GSK3β Homologue, Shaggy
Drosophila-based findings highlight an apical role for Hyd and Sgg in initiating Hedgehog signalling, which could also be evolutionarily conserved in mammals.
EDD, a Ubiquitin-protein Ligase of the N-end Rule Pathway, Associates with Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Components and Regulates the Mitotic Response to Nocodazole*
Physical and genetic interactions that implicate E3 identified by differential display (EDD) in promoting spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) function are identified and the potential role of EDD in regulating mitotic progression and the cellular response to perturbed mitosis is highlighted.