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Low-Frequency Signals in Long Tree-Ring Chronologies for Reconstructing Past Temperature Variability
It is demonstrated that carefully selected tree-ring chronologies from 14 sites in the Northern Hemisphere (NH) extratropics can preserve such coherent large-scale, multicentennial temperature trends if proper methods of analysis are used.
Influence of volcanic eruptions on Northern Hemisphere summer temperature over the past 600 years
A network of temperature-sensitive tree-ring-density chronologies provides circum-hemisphere information on year-by-year changes in summer warmth in different regions of the northern boreal forest.
Fennoscandian summers from ad 500: temperature changes on short and long timescales
Quantitative estimates of 1480 years of summer temperatures in northern Fennoscandia have previously been derived from continuous treering records from northern Sweden. Here we show the results of
Tree Rings: Basics and Applications of Dendrochronology
I Origin of the materials.- II Analysis of the materials.- III Tree-ring growth and the site.- IV Applied dendrochronology.- V History of dendrochronology.- General Index.
Low-frequency temperature variations from a northern tree ring density
We describe new reconstructions of northern extratropical summer temperatures for nine subcontinental-scale regions and a composite series representing quasi “Northern Hemisphere” temperature change
Carbon isotope discrimination indicates improving water‐use efficiency of trees in northern Eurasia over the last 100 years
We investigated the response of conifer trees in northern Eurasia to climate change and increasing CO2 over the last century by measuring the carbon isotope ratio in tree rings. Samples from Larix,
Reduced sensitivity of recent tree-growth to temperature at high northern latitudes
Tree-ring chronologies that represent annual changes in the density of wood formed during the late summer can provide a proxy for local summertime air temperature. Here we undertake an examination of
Influence of snowfall and melt timing on tree growth in subarctic Eurasia
The causes of a reduced sensitivity of high-latitude tree growth to variations in summer temperature for recent decades,, compared to earlier this century, are unknown. This sensitivity change is
A 1,400-year tree-ring record of summer temperatures in Fennoscandia
Tree-ring data have been used to reconstruct the mean summer (April-August) temperature of northern Fennoscandia for each year from AD 500 to the present. Summer temperatures have fluctuated markedly