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Two Types of Definites in Natural Language
This thesis proposes that situation arguments in noun phrases are represented syntactically as situation pronouns at the level of the DP (rather than within the NP) and argues that domain restriction can best be captured in a situation semantics, as this is both more economical and empirically more adequate than an analysis in terms of contextually supplied C-variables. Expand
Processing Presupposed Content
  • F. Schwarz
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • J. Semant.
  • 1 December 2007
These studies show that presuppositions play an important role in online sentence comprehension and affect the choice of syntactic analysis and some theoretical implications for the semantic analysis of auch/also and dynamic accounts of presuppOSitions as well as for theories of semantic processing are discussed. Expand
Scalar Implicatures Versus Presuppositions: The View from Acquisition
AbstractThis paper reports an experimental investigation of presuppositions and scalar implicatures in language acquisition. Recent proposals (Chemla 2009; Romoli 2012, Romoli in J Semant 1–47, 2014)Expand
Presuppositions vs. Asserted Content in Online Processing
We report two experiments that investigate the time-course of the online interpretation of the presupposition of also, first relative to a control, and secondly relative to asserted content, namelyExpand
Situation pronouns in determiner phrases
It is commonly argued that natural language has the expressive power of quantifying over intensional entities, such as times, worlds, or situations. A standard way of modelling this assumes thatExpand
The pragmatics of expressive content: Evidence from large corpora
We use large collections of online product reviews, in Chinese, English, German, and Japanese, to study the use conditions of expressives (swears, antihonorifics, intensives). The distributionalExpand
Experimental perspectives on presuppositions
1. Introduction: Presuppositions in Context - Theoretical Issues and Experimental Perspectives By Florian Schwarz.- 2. Presupposition Processing and Accommodation: An Experiment on wieder ('again')Expand
Intensional Transitive Verbs
A crucial question for a semantics that aims to capture the relevant phenomena concerns the extent to which expressions involve appeal to intensions and, more specifically, what limitations, if any, there are in terms of the syntactic and semantic levels at which intensions come into play. Expand
Focus Marking in Kikuyu
The different possibilities for marking focus in question answer sequences in Kikuyu are presented and a syntactic account for focus constructions with the particle ne is proposed to provide a theoretical contribution to their analysis in the framework of generative grammar. Expand
Two Kinds of Definites Cross-linguistically
  • F. Schwarz
  • Computer Science
  • Lang. Linguistics Compass
  • 1 October 2013
An illustrative overview of one class of recently discussed cross-linguistic phenomena, focusing on languages that differentiate between different kinds of definites, and the theoretical views that seem to capture the two types most straightforwardly. Expand