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Spitzer space telescope spectroscopy of ices toward low-mass embedded protostars
Sensitive 5-38 μm Spitzer Space Telescope and ground-based 3-5 μm spectra of the embedded low-mass protostars B5 IRS1 and HH 46 IRS show deep ice absorption bands superposed on steeply rising
The abundance of HCN in circumstellar envelopes of AGB stars of different chemical type
Aims. A multi-transition survey of HCN (sub-) millimeter line emission from a large sample of asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars of different chemical type is presented. The data are analysed and
W Hya through the eye of Odin. Satellite observations of circumstellar submillimetre H2O line emission
We present Odin observations of the AGB star W Hya in the ground-state transition of ortho-H2O, 110 − 101 ,a t 557 GHz. The line is clearly of circumstellar origin. Radiative transfer modelling of
Polarisation observations of VY Canis Majoris H2O 532–441 620.701 GHz maser emission with HIFI
Context. Water vapour maser emission from evolved oxygen-rich stars remains poorly understood. Additional observations, including polarisation studies and simultaneous observation of different maser
Imaging the circumstellar dust around AGB stars with PolCor
Aims. The aim of this paper is to investigate how the new imaging Polarimeter and Coronograph (PolCor) at the Nordic Optical Telescope** (NOT) can be used in the study of circumstellar structures
We report on a pilot imaging line survey (36.0-37.0 GHz, with ~1 km s–1 spectral channels) with the Expanded Very Large Array for two asymptotic giant branch stars, RW LMi (= CIT6, which has a
Hifistars herschel/hifi observations of vy canis majoris : Molecular-line inventory of the envelope around the largest known star
Aims. The study of the molecular gas in the circumstellar envelopes of evolved stars is normally undertaken by observing lines of CO (and other species) in the millimetre-wave domain. In general, the
Discovery of water vapour in the carbon star V Cygni from observations with Herschel/HIFI
We report the discovery of water vapour toward the carbon star V Cygni. We have used Herschel's HIFI instrument, in dual beam switch mode, to observe the 1(11)-0(00) para-water transition at
The widespread occurrence of water vapor in the circumstellar envelopes of carbon-rich asymptotic giant branch stars: first results from a survey with Herschel/HIFI
We report the preliminary results of a survey for water vapor in a sample of eight C stars with large mid-IR continuum fluxes: V384 Per, CIT 6, V Hya, Y CVn, IRAS 15194-5115, V Cyg, S Cep, and
Herschel/HIFI observations of high-J CO transitions in the protoplanetary nebula CRL 618
Aims. We aim to study the physical conditions, particularly the excitation state, of the intermediate-temperature gas components in the protoplanetary nebula CRL 618. These components are