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Making Choices: A Recasting of Decision Theory
1. Difficult choices 2. Having reasons 3. Rationality 4. Shaping up 5. Other people 6. Social choice 7. Choosing right.
Dutch Bookies and Money Pumps
C ONCLUSIVE arguments in philosophy are rare, so any such argument we find we prize. If it is not only conclusive but clever, all the better for it. The Dutch book arguments of the theory ofExpand
The Covenant Of Reason
Self-knowledge, Uncertainty, and Choice
  • F. Schick
  • Psychology
  • The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1 September 1979
This paper takes up some problems in the theory of choice, problems arising from questions of where and when we can choose at all, or see any point in choosing. Some of these problems have a longExpand
Ambiguity and Logic
1. Living with ambiguity 2. A dilemma for whom? 3. Having, gaining, losing 4. In support of persuasion 5. Surprise and self-knowledge 6. The logic of ambiguity 7. The meaning of life.
Understanding Action: An Essay on Reasons
1. Introduction 2. Practical reason 3. A missing factor 4. Some applications 5. Seeing things right Index.
Surprise, Self-Knowledge, and Commonality
Etude du paradoxe de l'examen par surprise dans le cadre de la logique doxastique. Mesurant la credibilite et la connaissabilite des propositions de l'argument, l'A. montre que la prediction estExpand
Democracy and interdependent preferences
In a democracy, the views and wishes of the citizens are to count. The problem here is how this dictum is to be understood. I suggest that a proper analysis requires that each person's preferences beExpand
Having Reasons: An Essay on Rationality and Sociality
This important contribution to choice theory examines two theories of motivation and two kinds of explanation of behavior that they support.Originally published in 1984.The Princeton Legacy LibraryExpand