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Self-expanding nitinol stents in canine vertebral arteries: hemodynamics and tissue response.
PURPOSE To evaluate the hemodynamics and tissue response associated with stent placement in low-flow-velocity arteries. METHODS Six self-expanding nitinol stents (5.5 mm caliber) were implantedExpand
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In Vitro Evaluation of Intravascular Stent Artifacts in Three-Dimensional MR Angiography
Maintz D, Kugel H, Schellhammer F, et al. In vitro evaluation of intravascular stent artifacts in three-dimensional MR angiography. Invest Radiol 2001;36:218-224. rationale and objectives. ToExpand
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Self-expanding and balloon-expandable stents in the treatment of carotid aneurysms: an experimental study in a canine model.
PURPOSE To assess the efficacy of metal stents for the treatment of different forms and sizes of carotid aneurysms. METHODS A total of 14 experimentally constructed aneurysms in dogs were treatedExpand
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Poly-lactic-acid coating for endovascular stents. Preliminary results in canine experimental arteriovenous fistulae.
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The authors evaluate polylactic-acid (PLA) as a coating of vascular endoprostheses in the treatment of experimental arteriovenous fistulae (AVF) in a canine model. METHODSExpand
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Minimally Invasive Therapy of Pseudoaneurysms of the Trunk: Application of Thrombin
Thrombin injection has been proven to be successful in postcatheterization pseudoaneurysms. However, there are only a few reports on the treatment of pseudoaneurysms of the trunk. We report our firstExpand
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Myocardial Calcification following Septic Shock
Accessible online at: www.karger.com/journals/crd Dear Sir, Coronary artery sclerosis and calcifications of the cardiac valves represent the majority of cardiac calcifications. MyocardialExpand
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Endovascular treatment of subclavian pseudoaneurysm causing delayed brachial plexus paralysis.
Pseudoaneurysms of the subclavian artery are rarities. Due to their close relationship to the brachial plexus in the shoulder girdle, delayed lesions of the brachial plexus are possible. We report aExpand
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Interdisciplinary treatment of primary hepatic angiosarcoma: emergency tumor embolization followed by elective surgery.
Among primary hepatic malignancies, sarcomas represent a minority of 2 %. Of those, primary hepatic angiosarcoma is the most common one. In the past its incidence has been related to the exposure ofExpand
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Fatal Ethibloc embolization of vertebrobasilar system following percutaneous injection into aneurysmal bone cyst of the second cervical vertebra.
Peraud et al ([1][1]) reported a fatal injection of Ethibloc into an aneurysmatic bone cyst of C2 due to inadvertent embolization in the vertebrobasilar system. The embolization material was found inExpand
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Vein Graft-Coated Vascular Stents: A Feasibility Study in a Canine Model
AbstractPurpose: To evaluate different vein grafts for luminal coating of endovascular stents in normal canine arteries. Methods: Twenty-four tantalum Strecker stents were coated with eitherExpand
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