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Phoenixin-14: detection and novel physiological implications in cardiac modulation and cardioprotection
Phoenixin-14 (PNX) is a newly identified peptide co-expressed in the hypothalamus with the anorexic and cardioactive Nesfatin-1. Like Nesfatin-1, PNX is able to cross the blood–brain barrier and thisExpand
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An experimental, theoretical and numerical investigation of shape memory polymers
Abstract The present paper deals with the experimental analysis, constitutive modeling and numerical simulation of a class of polymers, exhibiting shape memory effects. We first present and discussExpand
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Protective Role of GPER Agonist G‐1 on Cardiotoxicity Induced by Doxorubicin
The use of Doxorubicin (Dox), a frontline drug for many cancers, is often complicated by dose‐limiting cardiotoxicity in approximately 20% of patients. The G‐protein estrogen receptor GPER/GPR30Expand
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The NO stimulator, Catestatin, improves the Frank-Starling response in normotensive and hypertensive rat hearts.
The myocardial response to mechanical stretch (Frank-Starling law) is an important physiological cardiac determinant. Modulated by many endogenous substances, it is impaired in the presence ofExpand
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Leopoldia comosa prevents metabolic disorders in rats with high-fat diet-induced obesity
PurposeObesity is the main feature of a complex illness known as metabolic syndrome. Anti-obesogenic therapies are often associated with side effects and represent a high cost in conventionalExpand
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The innovative "Bio-Oil Spread" prevents metabolic disorders and mediates preconditioning-like cardioprotection in rats.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Obesity is often associated with an increased cardiovascular risk. The food industry and the associated research activities focus on formulating products that are a perfect mixExpand
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Cateslytine et Chromofungine, deux peptides dérivés de la chromogranine A qui sont de nouveaux acteurs des systèmes immunitaires et cardiaques
La CgA est une pro-hormone stockee dans les granules de secretion et elle subit une maturation proteolytique conduisant a la formation d’un tres grand nombre de peptides derives. La ChromofungineExpand
Are the nanoparticles friends or foes when inhaled?
Monzino-IRCCS, Milan, Italy Scientific Direction, INRCA-IRCCS National Institute, Ancona, Italy Unit of Biostatistics, Centro Cardiologico Monzino-IRCCS, Milan, Italy Division of Genetics and CellExpand