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Research survey on iridoid and phenylethanoid glycosides among seven populations of Euphrasia rostkoviana Hayne from the Alps.
Assessment of chemical diversity among seven populations of Euphrasia rostkoviana found in northern Italy revealed that iridoids occur in all populations whereas the presence and the levels of rutin and phenylethanoids are highly variable. Expand
Differences in the Chemical Composition of Arnica montana Flowers from Wild Populations of North Italy
HLPC-MS analysis led to the identification of phenolic derivatives and sesquiterpene lactones in the samples, confirming literature data, and Quali-quantitative analysis of the flower heads showed similar qualitative patterns both for the phenolic as well as sesQuiterpenes lactone derivatives. Expand
Seasonal variation in secondary metabolites of edible shoots of Buck's beard [Aruncus dioicus (Walter) Fernald (Rosaceae)].
It was shown that the prunasin content significantly increases during plant development, thus justifying the belief that after the development of the first green leaves, shoots should not be used for culinary purposes any longer. Expand
Evaluation of the Farming Potential of Echinacea Angustifolia DC. Accessions Grown in Italy by Root-Marker Compound Content and Morphological Trait Analyses
In this work, 65 E. angustifolia accessions have been compared in a field trial in Italy, with the aim of investigating the variability/stability of the weight and chemical composition of their roots in order to identify the accessions that are most promising for future genetic-improvement programs. Expand
Ex-situ evaluation of morphological, agronomic and qualitative traits of a naturalized population of parsley ( Petroselinum crispum (Mill) Nyman])
A naturalized population of parsley of the province of Trento, Italy, was evaluated ex-situ for its morphological and agronomic traits in a field trial in which it was compared with three commercialExpand
Volatile oil features of a naturalized population of parsley [Petroselinum crispum (Mill) Nyman] suitable for breeding
Abstract The chemical composition and the antioxidant activity of the volatile fraction of a naturalized population of parsley [Petroselinum crispum (Mill) Nyman] were assessed and compared in aExpand
Domestication of Alpine blue-sow-thistle (Cicerbita alpina (L.) Wallr.): six year trial results
Alpine blue-sow-thistle (Cicerbita alpina (L.) Wallr.) is a perennial herb distributed all along the entire Alpine Arc, the shoots of which are still collected in the wild in several areas ofExpand