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Heterojunction solar cell with 2% efficiency based on a Cu2O substrate
We report on the fabrication of heterojunction solar cells made by deposition of transparent conducting oxide (TCO) films on Cu2O substrates. The TCO films have been grown by ion beam sputtering onExpand
Nanotechnology of transparent metals for radio frequency electromagnetic shielding
The aim of this paper is to present an innovative one-dimensional photonic bandgap structure on plastic substrate, for electromagnetic field shielding applications in the radio frequency range. AExpand
Nanolayered lightweight flexible shields with multidirectional optical transparency
New nanolayered coatings are designed and deposited on flexible plastic substrate having the thickness of 100 /spl mu/m, in order to realize lightweight ultrathin transparent shielding foils. TheExpand
Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanorods with a narrow size distribution
The development of novel materials for energy harvesting applications or strain sensing has generated great interest towards zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructures, and in particular towards the synthesisExpand
Characterization of second and third order optical nonlinearities of ZnO sputtered films
We measured the second and third order optical nonlinearity of zinc oxide, grown on glass substrates by the ion beam sputtering technique. Second and third harmonic generation measurements wereExpand
Sputtered, electroless, and rolled palladium–ceramic membranes
Abstract Three techniques were used to produce palladium–ceramic (Pd–ceramic) composite membranes for hydrogen separation and production. They are sputtering, electroless deposition and rolling ofExpand
Second order nonlinear optical properties of zinc oxide films deposited by low temperature dual ion beam sputtering
We investigated second order optical nonlinearity of zinc oxide thin films, grown on glass substrates by the dual ion beam sputtering technique under different deposition conditions. Linear opticalExpand
Piezoelectric Thin Films of ZnO-Nanorods/Nanowalls Grown by Chemical Bath Deposition
This study presents a comparison of the piezoelectric properties of nanostructured thin films made of arrays of vertically oriented ZnO-nanorods (ZnO-NRs) over ITO-glass substrate and ofExpand
Piezoelectric Effect and Electroactive Phase Nucleation in Self-Standing Films of Unpoled PVDF Nanocomposite Films
Novel polymer-based piezoelectric nanocomposites with enhanced electromechanical properties open new opportunities for the development of wearable energy harvesters and sensors. This paperExpand