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Physical and chemical analysis of the siliceous skeletons in six sponges of two groups (demospongiae and hexactinellida)
  • F. Sandford
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Microscopy research and technique
  • 1 November 2003
The siliceous skeletons of six hexactinellids and demosponges were compared using a series of physical and chemical tests. The sponges were two hermit‐crab sponges (Class Demospongiae, familyExpand
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These Squatters Are Not Innocent: The Evidence of Parasitism in Sponge-Inhabiting Shrimps
Marine sponges are frequently inhabited by a wide range of associated invertebrates, including caridean shrimps. Symbiotic shrimps are often considered to be commensals; however, in most cases, theExpand
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Population dynamics and epibiont associations of hermit crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda: Paguroidea on Dog Island, Florida
Sandford, F. 2003. Population dynamics and epibiont associations of hermit crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda: Paguroidea) on Dog Island, Florida. In: Lemaitre, R., and Tudge, C.C. (eds), Biology of theExpand
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Although hermit crabs are cited as obligate users of gastropod shells, some also use portable sponge shelters. At Dog Island, Florida, in the NE corner of the Gulf of Mexico, the hermit crab PagurusExpand
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Redescription of the hermit-crab sponge Spongosorites suberitoides Diaz, Pomponi and van Soest (Demospongiae: Halichondrida: Halichondriidae)
The sponge partner in a little-known halichondrid sponge-hermit crab association, located in the northeast corner of the Gulf of Mexico, has been identified, and compared with sponges in similarExpand
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Gastropod shell substrates of the Florida hermit-crab sponge, Spongosorites suberitoides, from the Gulf of Mexico
Certain suberitid and halichondrid sponges typically encrust gastropod shells that are often occupied by hermit crabs. In reports of the sponges in these associations the shell substrates are usuallyExpand
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Polyonyx gibbesi (Decapoda: Anomura: Porcellanidae) and Pinnixa chaetopterana (Decapoda: Brachyura: Pinnotheridae), two crab commensals in tubes of the polychaete worm Chaetopterus sp., in the
-Each January for 7 years (1999 -2005), tu bes of the polychaete C haetopterus sp. were excavated at low tide from Dog Island, Florida, in the northern Gulf of Mexico, and examined for the presenceExpand
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Intra- and lnterspecific aggression in two species of field crickets,Gryllus integer andG. alogus
Adult, laboratory-reared, and singly caged field crickets, Gryllus integer, of known ages and representing F1 to F4 generations, were exposed to 15–20-minute bouts of social interaction withExpand
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Periclimenaeus pectinidactylus n. sp. (Crustacea: Decapoda: Pontoniinae) from the Belizean Barrier Reef, Caribbean Sea
A new species of sponge-associated pontoniine shrimp from the Belizean Barrier Reef in the Caribbean Sea is described and illustrated, and its systematic position is discussed. The single specimenExpand
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