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Estimating single-channel kinetic parameters from idealized patch-clamp data containing missed events.
We present here a maximal likelihood algorithm for estimating single-channel kinetic parameters from idealized patch-clamp data. The algorithm takes into account missed events caused by limited timeExpand
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Identification of a Peptide Toxin from Grammostola spatulata Spider Venom That Blocks Cation-Selective Stretch-Activated Channels
We have identified a 35 amino acid peptide toxin of the inhibitor cysteine knot family that blocks cationic stretch-activated ion channels. The toxin, denoted GsMTx-4, was isolated from the venom ofExpand
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The mechanosensitive ion channel Piezo1 is inhibited by the peptide GsMTx4.
Cells can respond to mechanical stress by gating mechanosensitive ion channels (MSCs). The cloning of Piezo1, a eukaryotic cation selective MSC, defines a new system for studying mechanicalExpand
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Single Channel Properties of P2X2 Purinoceptors
  • S. Ding, F. Sachs
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Journal of general physiology
  • 1 May 1999
The single channel properties of cloned P2X2 purinoceptors expressed in human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells and Xenopus oocytes were studied in outside-out patches. The mean single channelExpand
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Stretch‐activated single ion channel currents in tissue‐cultured embryonic chick skeletal muscle.
The membrane of tissue‐cultured chick pectoral muscle contains an ionic channel which is activated by membrane stretch. Nicotinic channels and Ca2+‐activated K+ channels are not affected by stretch.Expand
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Effects of stretch‐activated channel blockers on [Ca2+]i and muscle damage in the mdx mouse
The mdx mouse lacks dystrophin and is a model of human Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Single mdx muscle fibres were isolated and subjected to a series of stretched (eccentric) contractions whileExpand
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Mechanosensitive ion channels and the peptide inhibitor GsMTx-4: history, properties, mechanisms and pharmacology.
Sensing the energy from mechanical inputs is ubiquitous--and perhaps the oldest form of biological energy transduction. However, the tools available to probe the mechanisms of transduction are farExpand
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Biophysics and structure of the patch and the gigaseal.
Interpreting channel behavior in patches requires an understanding of patch structure and dynamics, especially in studies of mechanosensitive channels. High resolution optical studies show that patchExpand
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Xerocytosis is caused by mutations that alter the kinetics of the mechanosensitive channel PIEZO1
Significance Familial xerocytosis in humans, which causes dehydration of red blood cells and hemolytic anemia, was traced to mutations in the mechanosensitive ion channel, PIEZO1. The mutationsExpand
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Tarantula peptide inhibits atrial fibrillation
A peptide from spider venom can prevent the heartbeat from losing its rhythm.
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