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Conduction of Electricity through Gases
THIS book on the newest branch of physics, from the pen of its originator and chief exponent, deals with one of the most rapid and remarkable developments of modern scientific research. ThaExpand
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A Mathematician's Apology
THIS is a slight book. From such cloistral clowning the world sickens. It purports to be an apology for a life misspent in mathematics and for the sort of mathematics on which it has been misspent—Expand
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A Modern Utopia
IT is instructive to watch the growth, both in power and in hopefulness, of Mr. Wells's criticism of life. In the “Time Machine” his forecast of the future of humanity was frankly appalling; in “WhenExpand
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Transport of Nitrogen in the Plant.
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  • Nature
  • 1 December 1930
THE general question of translocation in plants demands attention, not only because of its practical importance in horticulture, but perhaps even more so because of its intensely controversialExpand
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Fluorescent Bodies Excited by Radium
SINCE very active preparations of radium have become available, a steady search has been going on in many quarters for agents which will respond to the radiations and convert them into visible light.Expand
The Electrical Nature of Matter and Radio-activity
THIS book consists of a series of articles, written in semi-popular style, reprinted from the Electrical Review. The first third of the book is occupied with the electronic theory of matter, andExpand
Chemistry at the British Association
WITH reference to the closing remark of the article with the above title in NATURE of November 4, “To the chemist this is perhaps more convincing than a volume of deductions by a physicist,” theExpand
Prof. Pierre Curie
M. PIERRE CURIE, co-discoverer with his wife, Mme. Sklodowska Curie, of the element radium, and the investigator of many of its properties, met his death as the result of a street accident in ParisExpand
The Radio-Activity of Some Canadian Mineral Springs
DR. J. SATTERLEY, whose work on the radioactivity of the atmosphere, of river and well waters, and of the ocean is^ well known, and Mr. R. T. Elworthy, of the Canadian Department of Mines, inExpand
Work of the Vienna Radium Institute
OF the seventeen papers before us, from the Radium Institute at Vienna, five by Drs. von Hevesy and Paneth, both of whom are well known in this country, contain notable advances in our knowledge ofExpand