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Spin- and valley-dependent magneto-optical properties of MoS 2
We investigate the behavior of low-energy electrons in two-dimensional molybdenum disulfide when submitted to an external magnetic field. Highly degenerate Landau levels form in the material, between
Higgs amplitude mode in the vicinity of a $(2+1)$-dimensional quantum critical point: a nonperturbative renormalization-group approach
We study the "Higgs" amplitude mode in the relativistic quantum O($N$) model in two space dimensions. Using the nonperturbative renormalization group and the Blaizot--M\'endez-Galain--Wschebor
Superuniversal transport near a $(2 + 1)$-dimensional quantum critical point
We compute the zero-temperature conductivity in the two-dimensional quantum $\mathrm{O}(N)$ model using a nonperturbative functional renormalization-group approach. At the quantum critical point we
Bound states of the $ϕ^4$ model via the nonperturbative renormalization group
Using the nonperturbative renormalization group, we study the existence of bound states in the symmetry-broken phase of the scalar $\phi^4$ theory in all dimensions between two and four and as a
Nonperturbative renormalization-group approach preserving the momentum dependence of correlation functions
We present an approximation scheme of the nonperturbative renormalization group that preserves the momentum dependence of correlation functions. This approximation scheme can be seen as a simple
Nonperturbative functional renormalization-group approach to transport in the vicinity of a $(2+1)$-dimensional O($N$)-symmetric quantum critical point
Using a nonperturbative functional renormalization-group approach to the two-dimensional quantum O($N$) model, we compute the low-frequency limit $\omega\to 0$ of the zero-temperature conductivity in
Critical Casimir forces from the equation of state of quantum critical systems
The mapping between a classical length and inverse temperature as imaginary time provides a direct equivalence between the Casimir force of a classical system in $D$ dimensions and internal energy of
Functional-renormalization-group approach to strongly coupled Bose-Fermi mixtures in two dimensions
We study theoretically the phase diagram of strongly coupled two-dimensional Bose-Fermi mixtures interacting with attractive short-range potentials as a function of the particle densities. We focus
Operator product expansion coefficients from the nonperturbative functional renormalization group
Using the nonperturbative functional renormalization group (FRG) within the Blaizot-M´endez-Galain-Wschebor approximation, we compute the operator product expansion (OPE) coefficient c 112 associated
Hall viscosity and conductivity of two-dimensional chiral superconductors
We compute the Hall viscosity and conductivity of non-relativistic two-dimensional chiral superconductors, where fermions pair due to a short-range attractive potential, e.g. $p+\mathrm{i}p$ pairing,