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A comparison of language mapping by preoperative navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation and direct cortical stimulation during awake surgery.
BACKGROUND Navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (nTMS) is increasingly used in presurgical brain mapping. Preoperative nTMS results correlate well with direct cortical stimulation (DCS) dataExpand
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Clazosentan (AXV-034343), a selective endothelin A receptor antagonist, in the prevention of cerebral vasospasm following severe aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: results of a randomized,
OBJECTIVE The goal of this study was to investigate the safety and tolerability of the novel endothelin A (ETA) receptor antagonist clazosentan in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) and itsExpand
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Utility of presurgical navigated transcranial magnetic brain stimulation for the resection of tumors in eloquent motor areas.
OBJECT Navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (nTMS) is a newly evolving technique. Despite its supposed purpose (for example, preoperative central region mapping), little is known about itsExpand
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OBJECTIVE For this study, spheno-orbital meningiomas (SOMs) are defined as intraosseus meningiomas at the base of the anterior and middle cranial fossa, involving the sphenoid wing and orbitExpand
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Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 positive glioblastoma cells show brain tumor stem cell capacity.
Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most aggressive primary brain tumor and is resistant to all therapeutic regimens. Relapse occurs regularly and might be caused by a poorly characterized tumor stem cellExpand
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Accuracy of Robot-Assisted Placement of Lumbar and Sacral Pedicle Screws: A Prospective Randomized Comparison to Conventional Freehand Screw Implantation
Study Design. Single-center prospective randomized controlled study. Objective. To evaluate the accuracy of robot-assisted (RO) implantation of lumbar/sacral pedicle screws in comparison with theExpand
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Bevacizumab Plus Irinotecan Versus Temozolomide in Newly Diagnosed O6-Methylguanine-DNA Methyltransferase Nonmethylated Glioblastoma: The Randomized GLARIUS Trial.
PURPOSE In patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma that harbors a nonmethylated O(6)-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase promotor, standard temozolomide (TMZ) has, at best, limited efficacy. TheExpand
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Impairment of preoperative language mapping by lesion location: a functional magnetic resonance imaging, navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation, and direct cortical stimulation study.
OBJECT Language mapping by repetitive navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is increasingly used and has already replaced functional MRI (fMRI) in some institutions for preoperativeExpand
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Combined noninvasive language mapping by navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation and functional MRI and its comparison with direct cortical stimulation.
OBJECT Repetitive navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is now increasingly used for preoperative language mapping in patients with lesions in language-related areas of the brain. YetExpand
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A cerebrospinal fluid microRNA signature as biomarker for glioblastoma.
PURPOSE To develop a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) miRNA diagnostic biomarker for glioblastoma. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Glioblastoma tissue and matched CSF from the same patient (obtained prior to tumorExpand
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