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Niosomes from 80s to present: the state of the art.
Chitosan Glutamate-Coated Niosomes: A Proposal for Nose-to-Brain Delivery
The characteristics of the proposed systems, such aspentamidine entrapment and mucin interaction, show promising results to deliver pentamidine or other possible drugs to the brain via nasal administration.
Pulmonary Delivery: Innovative Approaches and Perspectives
Despite the many promising proof of concepts of various delivery technologies reported in this review, further efforts are needed to ensure the safety of long-term in vivo applications and the development of scale up from laboratory to industry in order to reach, together with safety, large - scale production at affordable costs of innovative lung delivery technologies.
Biomedical Applications of Nanodiamonds: An Overview.
Techniques for detection and imaging of nanodiamonds in biological tissues are reviewed, and drug delivery applications mainly focus on drug delivery, including cell interaction, targeting, cancer therapy, gene and protein delivery.
Anti-inflammatory activity of novel ammonium glycyrrhizinate/niosomes delivery system: human and murine models.
Quantitative issues in biomaterials
The remarkable outbreak of nanotechnologies and among these of nanobiotechnologies has been allowed by the invention, development, continuous improvement of different techniques and instrumentations
Neem oil nanoemulsions: characterisation and antioxidant activity
This study confirms the formation of nanoemulsions by Tween 20 and Neem oil at different weight ratios with small and homogenous dimensions, and the antioxidant activity of NeemOil alone and in NEs was comparable, whereas its cytotoxicity was strongly reduced when loaded in NE's after interaction with HEp-2 cells.
A new vesicle-loaded hydrogel system suitable for topical applications: preparation and characterization.
The reported in vitro experiments show the capability of the novel formulation to combine the qualities of both chosen single systems, i.e. the niosomes and the polymeric network.