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Rwanda, ten years on: From genocide to dictatorship
In the spring of 1994, a small and poor country hitherto unknown to the public at large suddenly became international front-page news. Following the shooting down of President Habyarimana’s aircraft,Expand
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Constructing the truth, dealing with dissent, domesticating the world: governance in post-genocide Rwanda
Post-genocide Rwanda has become a ‘donor darling’, despite being a dictatorship with a dismal human rights record and a source of regional instability. In order to understand international tolerance,Expand
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The Great African War: Congo and Regional Geopolitics, 1996-2006
Introduction 1. A region in turmoil 2. 'The war of liberation' 3. The massacre of the Rwandan refugees 4. The fall of the Mobutist state 5. The Congo, waiting for another war 6. Impasse in Rwanda andExpand
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Briefing: Burundi: A Peaceful Transition After a Decade Of War?
opposition party Frodebu (Front pour la ddmocratie au Burundi) decisively beat the former single party Uprona (Union pour le progres national) during the June-July 1993 presidential and parliamentaryExpand
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Political Governance in Post-Genocide Rwanda
Introduction 1. The capture of power and the path to hegemony 2. Elections as a means of regime consolidation 3. Managing political space 4. Human rights, a dismal record 5. Dealing with the worldExpand
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The privatisation and criminalisation of public space in the geopolitics of the Great Lakes region
The Great Lakes region has been in profound turmoil for the past 15 years. Through the game of shifting alliances, and because of geographic proximity in an area with porous borders, conflicts haveExpand
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THE WAR which brought Laurent-Desire Kabila and his Alliance des forces democratiques pour la liberation du Congo-Zaire (AFDL) to power in May 1997 cannot be seen in isolation. The events of 1996-7Expand
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Burundi: prospects for peace
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Post-1994 Politics in Rwanda: problematising ‘liberation’ and ‘democratisation’
Abstract When the Rwanda Patriotic Front (rpf) seized power in July 1994, winning the civil war and ending the genocide, this was seen by many as the succession of a bloody dictatorship by a decentExpand
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