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First Results from CUORE: A Search for Lepton Number Violation via 0νββ Decay of ^{130}Te.
The CUORE experiment, a ton-scale cryogenic bolometer array, recently began operation at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso in Italy. The array represents a significant advancement in thisExpand
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First results from the CRESST-III low-mass dark matter program
The CRESST experiment is a direct dark matter search which aims to measure interactions of potential dark matter particles in an earth-bound detector. With the current stage, CRESST-III, we focus onExpand
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First Result on the Neutrinoless Double-β Decay of ^{82}Se with CUPID-0.
We report the result of the search for neutrinoless double beta decay of ^{82}Se obtained with CUPID-0, the first large array of scintillating Zn^{82}Se cryogenic calorimeters implementing particleExpand
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The COSINUS project: perspectives of a NaI scintillating calorimeter for dark matter search
The R&D project COSINUS (Cryogenic Observatory for SIgnatures seen in Next-generation Underground Searches) aims to develop a cryogenic scintillating calorimeter using an undoped NaI-crystal asExpand
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Particle discrimination in TeO2 bolometers using light detectors read out by transition edge sensors
Abstract An active discrimination of the dominant α -background is the prerequisite for future neutrinoless double-beta decay experiments based on TeO2 bolometers. We investigate such α -particleExpand
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Quasiparticle Diffusion in CRESST Light Detectors
CRESST-II is a direct dark matter experiment that uses scintillating calorimeters to detect WIMP-induced nuclear scatter processes. Heat and light signals are read out with tungsten transition edgeExpand
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Exploring CEvNS with NUCLEUS at the Chooz Nuclear Power Plant
Coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering (CE$\nu$NS) offers a unique way to study neutrino properties and to search for new physics beyond the Standard Model. Nuclear reactors are promisingExpand
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A prototype detector for the CRESST-III low-mass dark matter search
Abstract The CRESST-III experiment which is dedicated to low-mass dark matter search uses scintillating CaWO4 crystals operated as cryogenic particle detectors. Background discrimination is achievedExpand
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Furnace for burning combustible material, in particular wood chips
The furnace has boiler (2) with combustion chamber (3), and a walling (5) in which inlet opening (6) for combustible material and outlet opening (7) for discharge of exhaust gas from combustionExpand
CUPID-0: A Cryogenic Calorimeter with Particle Identification for Double Beta Decay Search
With their excellent energy resolution, efficiency, and intrinsic radio-purity, cryogenic calorimeters are primed for the search of neutrino-less double beta decay (0nDBD). The sensitivity of theseExpand