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The Philosophy of Space and Time
By Hans Reichenbach New York : Dover Publications Inc. Pp. xvi + 295. Price $2.00 This book is a translation from the original German Philosophic der Raum-Zeit-Lehre published in 1928. That thereExpand
Painting Materials: a Short Encyclopedia
SLOWLY but surely the mist which for many a year has enveloped the subject of studio materials and methods is beginning to lift. Probably one reason why it has hung about for so long is that nobodyExpand
The Cartesian Meditations
Cartesian MeditationsAn Introduction to Phenomenology. By Edmund Husserl. Translated by Dorion Cairns. Pp. xii + 157. (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 1960.) 9.50 guilders; cloth bound 13.25 guilders.
The Method
The Methods of Contemporary ThoughtBy J. M. Bochénski. Translated from the German by Peter Caws. Pp. x + 135. (Dordrecht: D. Reidel Publishing Company, 1965.) 18 D.fl.
Question and Answer
Dialogues on Fundamental Questions of Science and PhilosophyBy A. Pfeiffer. Translated from the German by Jutta Mendelssohn and Ursula Meadows. (The Commonwealth and International Library of Science,Expand
Science, Faith and Society
THE Riddell Memorial Lectures, given by distinguished men of science, philosophy and theology, provide a pulpit of great value. One has only to glance through the list of names since the first seriesExpand
Design for a Brain—2nd Edition
By W. Ross Ashby London: Chapman & Hall Ltd. Pp. ix + 286. Price 42s. This is manifestly an important book: it is, at the same time a production characteristic of 1960. Since the first edition ofExpand
Essays 1958–1962 on Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge
By Niels Bohr London: John Wiley & Sons Ltd. 1964 . Pp. x + 100. Price 30s. In an ideal (academic) world, honours students in their final year would be expected to regard the reading of this slightExpand
The Measurement of Colour
The measure of colour depends mainly upon classical physics for most of its theory, and luckily the conceptions involved are to some extent quasi-mechanical, which is probably the reason why applications to industry and technology have been both rapid and successful. Expand
The Definition of Good
The Definition of Good By Dr. A. C. Ewing offers stout resistance to subjectivism and to naturalism in ethics, because these tanets erode, as it were, any rational basis, and therefore render the superstructure of moral obligation insecure. Expand