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On a Problem of Formal Logic
This paper is primarily concerned with a special case of one of the leading problems of mathematical logic, the problem of finding a regular procedure to determine the truth or falsity of any given logical formula*. Expand
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A Contribution to the Theory of Taxation
TILE problem I propose to tackle is this: a given revenue is to be raised by proportionate taxes on some or all uses of income, the taxes on different uses being possibly at different rates; howExpand
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Truth and Probability
Contains two other essays as well: Further Considerations & Last Papers: Probability and Partial Belief.
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The Foundations of Mathematics and Other Logical Essays
Although not yet 27 years of age at the time of his death, Ramsey left contributions to mathematics, logic, and economics which were of the greatest value for contemporary philosophy. The presentExpand
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General Propositions and Causality
This file contains a photograph of Ramsey's original manuscript, written in 1929. The page numbers and pencilled alterations were made by R. B. Braithwaite after Ramsey's death in 1930, in preparingExpand
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Facts and Propositions
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Foundations: Essays in philosophy, logic, mathematics and economics
Was looking for PDF Foundations: Essays in Philosophy, Logic, Mathematics and Economics (International Library of Psychology) by F.P. Ramsey (1978-04-01) ePub in the bookstore? you continue to run?Expand
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Introduction and Outline
The expected utility (EU) hypothesis was originally formulated to be used with specified or “objective” probabilities. Objectively expected utility is the subject of Chapter 5. Not all uncertainty,Expand
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The coherence theory of truth
The third well-known theory of truth is the coherence theory which is absolutely irreconcileable with ours, since it holds that the truth of a belief that A is B depends not on whether A is B, but onExpand
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